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7 Unique Gift Ideas for the Geeky Child

All children are naturally creative, filled with wonders about the world and its offerings. If your child is wildly passionate—dow...

All children are naturally creative, filled with wonders about the world and its offerings. If your child is wildly passionate—downright geeky, evenabout something, be it science, art, books, dance, sports; by showing them your support, you can help develop their passion into a thing of true wonder. It may be difficult to constantly keep up with your budding scientist, baseball player, ballet dancer—but the one way you can always express your support is by giving them gifts that will help them learn and grow. Here are 7 unique gift ideas for your geeky child:

1.     Curated Lab Kit for Your Budding Scientist
If your kid expresses an interest in science, constantly fascinated by the wonders of the world, there is no better way of encouraging her or him than getting him a curated lab kit. As per your child’s scientific interests, you can curate a box with test tubes, vacuum bottles, glass filtration ware, droppers and a microscope as well as lab safety equipment. Add protective goggles and a lab coat for good measure and watch your young scientist bloom. It won’t be long before your household is buzzing with insect specimens and bubbling with different chemicals!

2.     Themed T-Shirts

One gift that your young geeky child is bound to love is themed t-shirts. If your child is obsessed with something, the best way of winning their love and making them smile widely is gifting them t-shirts about that thing. If they love the show The Big Bang Theory, you can gift them show-themed chemistry t-shirts. If they are a huge Jane Goodall fan, encourage your little naturalist by giving her or him this themed t-shirt. These t-shirts are extremely useful and will help them geek out!

3.     Cooking Books
It may not be lab science that your little geek loves—maybe she or he experiments in the kitchen! Cooking is a very important life skill, yet there are only a few kids that cook and create food. This is because most parents have safety concerns about children in the kitchen. However, thanks to child-friendly cooking books, you can support your young chef while maintaining safety! Turn to child-friendly cookbooks like ‘The Forest Feast for Children’ to encourage your junior Masterchef!

4.     Recycling and Art Supplies

Perhaps the best part of raising a geeky child is knowing that they will make sensible, sustainable decisions. In our environmentally conscientious world, it is important that our children learn how to reduce, reuse and recycle. A good way of teaching this lesson while encouraging your art nerd is by gifting them various art supplies. Get non-toxic, eco-friendly paints and art material, and encourage them to use recyclable materials like newspapers to make craft items. Invest in different waste disposal cans for recyclable and non-recyclable material to use this process!

5.     Funky Sports Bags
‘Geek’ is no longer a word used exclusively for academically brilliant children, it is a word that can be applied to anyone who is overly enthusiastic about anything. This means that your young baseball player who knows all the latest baseball stats or your swimmer, whose fingers are perennially wrinkled from being in the pool is a nerd too! Like all nerds, they need one-stop access to their sports material, so invest in a sturdy sports bag. Keep it equipped with all their sporting gear so your young one can race off to practice whenever he or she likes!

6.     Innovative Games
If you want to keep your child engaged to help them find their passion, the most fun way of helping them discover it is through fun and easy games. Help them explore their dream of being an astronaut by building their own space machines in the Space Explorers Science Kit! If your child loves dinosaurs, he or she can excavate her own fossil through the Dig a Dinosaur Skeleton Kit! By gifting your child wonderful educational games they will learn and discover various things while having hours of fun!

7.     Fun Bookmarks

If your child’s nose is perpetually buried in a book, the best gift for them is a book. To really personalize the gist, besides simply giving them a book, make them beautiful bookmarks. It is fairly easy to make a bookmark, all you need is cardboard paper and some design ideas. You can write a simple quote on the bookmark, or personalize it with illustrations. Just don’t use 3D designs. as they are bound to get squashed between covers!

Children ask lots of questions. Even as this can be overwhelming at times, taking these questions in the right spirit and nurturing them can mean that your child grows up to be sensitive, empathetic and intelligent. Help them explore the wonders of the world and geek out through these gifts!
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