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How I got to my first job in Australia

​ I want to tell you a story. How I got to my first job in Australia.  My Boss interviewed me in Malaysia. He was super happy with...

I want to tell you a story. How I got to my first job in Australia. 

My Boss interviewed me in Malaysia. He was super happy with my communication skills, handling customers, My coding skills and training skills. He said I want to hire you. How much do you want? 

I told him. "You give me $2 salary, I am happy as long as you agree to move me to Sydney office. He said. Done. You are hired. Your salary will be $25k annual. I said, Done. I am your employee now. I don't care what you pay me. 

He said, done. In 2 weeks, book your flight and come to Australia. I said done. In 2 weeks, I'll fly to Sydney and start my job. It was not a big multinational, they had no experience hiring foreign employees before. They all had Singaporean/Malaysian passports so for them going to Australia was just taking a ticket only. They had no clue what they were dealing with that time. (A Pakistani National) 

I wish you could understand what my brain was going through with the masterminding and planning what am I going to do. How am I going to fly to Australia. How can I even explain to him the valuation of Pakistani passport and getting an Australian visa is mission impossible either it is visit or work visa. How do I explain to him I just came sleeping a night in a mosque and eating white rice in water with barely RM20 in my pocket. I can't dare to tell him that I am going to be a very big elephant for you to carry. I must be Singaporean resident to be just able to apply for a visit visa. 

Every wire of my brain was like a super mesh calculating every move, ever word coming out of my mouth was carefully planned within micro seconds and every word coming out of his mouth would trigger me to find keys in his statement. And I painted a picture of my future and I told him politely and humbly if you could give me few weeks so I see my parents in Pakistan I fly direct to Australia from there which he granted. Another request due to Pakistan/Australia bad relationships if you don't mind letting me come to Singapore first and then I can fly to Australia in 2 months time. He granted. I did all Singapore work permit paperwork myself without even burdening him, without demanding anything, without showing any attitude to him. Finally I applied for Australian visa being a Singaporean resident with work permit. He kept granting all my requests while I worked 18 hours a day accumulating awards over awards from my company. 

Of course my Australian visa was rejected immediately due to my young age, they couldn't believe why a kid of 22 year old would come to Australia to do training for Microsoft employees on Network security and Exchange systems. Now only my boss realized, "Pakistani passport does matter while doing hiring decisions". However he told me You are my wonderful asset and one of the best ever commando in my team. I will do anything in this world for you. Don't worry. That was the grand moment of my life. Things happened exactly how I painted. We appealed and proved the Australian Government that this is not an ordinary Microsoft consultant but Trainer of the Trainers and will train Microsoft employees how to hack networks and how to secure them and he hold 27 top certifications. Australian Immigration had no choice but to grant me my first visit visa and I landed Australia in year 2001 training batch of 70 white Australians at the age of 22-23 before returning back and later obtaining my Australian Work permit. Australia is the country for which I was refused student visa among so many others I applied due to no financials of course. And I landed on work permit to train there in year 2001. 

Why do I have to tell this story today? Because I feel sad with responses and attitude of some members when I hear about them from EC Admin team. I wish you could understand the value of being humble, Politeness and yet ability to jump in regardless if you make money or not make money. You need to be in the ring to win. Ability to do anything to get a chance to participate in an opportunity. No matter how big or small you are, one must remain humble and away from egoism. When my EC team tell me people calling them and telling them their terms. They show ego. They show attitude. They want things their way. I wish they could learn what they will loose with this attitude and what they could gain by being humble. I wish you not only learn Amazon or about selling online but about life, about ethics, about principles, about being humble, building an ability to paint the future, ability to plan the future. I wish you could learn something from my story. Story of an unprivileged Pakistani who was raised in slums below the line of poverty and took out not only myself but my family, my clan and my friends out of poverty. I wish you could learn something from me. It’s not about Amazon but the ability to say "Yes". Ability to say "Yes". Ability to say "Yes". There is no word called NO in your life. 

All I wish if you could learn this basic thing from me. Learn to become humble. No one is number 1. It's only the blessing of Allah if you gain respect otherwise no one is number 1. There is always someone better than you. 

Thanks ​​