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SEO Tips For Lawyers – Improve Your Search Ranking Ethically

As an attorney, you probably understand that there’s intense online competition in the legal industry. If you want to improve your chances ...

As an attorney, you probably understand that there’s intense online competition in the legal industry. If you want to improve your chances of being successful amid this competition, then it’s time you invested in search engine optimization.However, you should understand how to do this right because many attorneys have suffered hefty penalties for violating various ethical and advertising guidelines.

That said, we present you with four tips that you can implement to improve your search engine rankings without worrying about violating any guidelines in the legal industry.

1. Focus on purchase intent keywords.

The first step into optimizing your website is keyword research. You need to find and use keywords that indicate the search engine user is ready to take up legal services.

When doing keyword research, you should look for terms that have substantial search volume to increase the chances of your website receiving decent traffic. These tips can help you conduct successful keyword research:

· Find terms related to your field of specialization.

· Choose phrases that have high search volume but moderate competition.

· Look for low-competition keywords that can be targeted.

· Use LSI keywords – these are terms that are synonymous with your main target keywords.

· Find phrases that your competitors are ranking for and try to create more valuable content than theirs.

2. Have your content crafted by legal professionals.

You want your website to appear credible in the eyes of your potential clients. One of the most effective ways to achieve this is to ensure your content is drafted by legal professionals such as lawyers, JDs, or paralegals.

Also, you’re probably aware that some states have strict guidelines for publishing legal content online. You can either write your web content yourself, hire a lawyer or JD, or outsource the work to an SEO agency such as Scott Keever SEO, which has appropriate resources. 

3. Acquire links from relevant, authoritative sources.

Links are one of the top Google ranking factors. This doesn’t mean that any link will help boost your SEO. You should focus on acquiring links from high-quality sources that are relevant to your legal practice. The higher the number of authority links pointing at your website, the higher the chance of your website ranking well for its target keywords and phrases.

4. Use attorney-specific calls to action.

While the calls to action (CTAs) on an attorney’s website serve the same purpose as in other business websites, they need to be approached differently as they can also help to improve SEO.

You should place your CTA above the “fold.” That’s the point when visitors have to start scrolling to see more information. Also, be sure to put your contact information conspicuously on every page of your website.


Online marketing is must-have for lawyers who are looking to weather the ever-increasing competition in the legal industry. In fact, many clients are going online to look for information about legal services, and a comprehensive SEO strategy is essential to ensure that these clients find you.

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