Here is a list of word pairs, called ANAGRAMS.
Enjoy the fun and the pun!

The interesting n fun part is they are formed by the same set of alphabets but convey a mutually contradictory or sometimes complementary meaning.

Here are a dozen of them.

1. Teach/Cheat

Some BABAs teach, some cheat
and remaining teach to cheat!-OMG!

2. Listen/Silent

Be Silent and listen.

3. Admirer/Married

Status before and after marriage!


Either fast or add fats as you feast.

5. Marital/Martial

A misplaced 'I' turns Marital relationship into Martial one.

6. Creative/Reactive

You can never be Creative if you are Reactive!

7. Sweat/Waste

If you don't Sweat as a youth you will Waste your entire life, so sweat or waste!

8. Bedroom/Boredom

Always keep boredom out of your bedroom because that is the place where you spent half of your life and mostly in your own company!

9. Vote/Veto

One veto and a million votes undone!

10. Exist/Exits

We exist between our entries and exits!

11. Stain/Saint

Hard to find a saint without a stain!

12. Split/Spilt

Don't cry over split milk. Make paneer!

Don't cry over spilt milk either. Feed the cat!

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