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Why Self-Acceptance is So Hard?

“Accepting yourself as you are takes courage.” Who are you? Do you know? Take time to think about your values and goals. What do you b...

“Accepting yourself as you are takes courage.”

Who are you? Do you know?Take time to think about your values and goals.
What do you believe in? What is important to you?
Decide that you will never compromise your
integrity by trying to be or say or feel something
that is not true for you. Have the courage to accept yourself as you really are, not as an ideal or as someone else thinks you should be.
Most of all, know that at the end of the day,
you are wonderful and capable of wonderful things.

The way to receive life’s abundance is to express it.
The way to receive life’s abundance is to do something creative and useful with it.

There is always something valuable that you can
create with your time, your thoughts and actions.
In every moment, in every situation, there is something you can do to express life’s abundance.

Whatever you’re able to create may not be something you particularly desire or require, but that’s ok. Because there are other people who wish to have it, and who will happily pay you for it with something else of value to you.

In ways that are familiar and in ways that haven’t
yet been imagined, you can create value. With
gratitude in your heart, and a desire to give meaning to life, you can create value.

You are surrounded by a sea of abundance.
You are alive and aware and highly effective,
in a universe that’s overflowing with possibilities.

Through your own unique perspective,
you can transform that raw, formless abundance into
specific, tangible value. That is how wealth is created, and there is no limit to how much of it you can create.

Make it meaningful
When you focus persistently enough, whatever
you focus upon achieving will happen. So how exactly
do you achieve such a persistent focus?
When you feel your focus beginning to soften,
remember why you chose it in the first place. Remember not only with your mind, but also with your body, your heart, and your spirit.

The skill of achievement is primarily a matter of
reminding yourself, again and again, why you must.
It’s not really that difficult to do, yet you must be
the one who determines and delivers what
works best for you.

Of course if you are to keep reminding yourself of why, that reason why must be authentic. It must also
be positive, meaningful, compelling and significant.

If you’re not persistently following your dream,
that dream is not big enough. Expand on that
dream until it is big enough and exciting enough to
keep your focus continually aligned and unwavering.

Make it meaningful, and the focus will be there.
Make it meaningful, and it will happen.