Management Dialogues with Branch Manager
The quarterly profit of Branch reduced. What the hell you are doing in the Branch ?

Branch Manager : Sir I am working hard for the Branch.
MGT: But you have not achieved any of your Targets.

BM: Sir I was behind the Targets in the beginning of the quarter.
MGT : Then why you not achieved it.

BM: Some of my loan proposals were rejected for one reason or other.
Some customers dropped the proposal with us when we raised the query.
Still some idiots are waiting expecting that they may get loan from us.
MGT: If you concentrate on Targets you should have achieved it.

BM: Sir by the time got a call from ZO to concentrate on retail loan campaign to defeat another zone..
MGT : So you opened lot of retal loan accounts.

BM : No sir. Due to Maha login I was instructed to canvass life insurance policy.
MGT: Good . You might have canvassed good no of policies.

BM: No sir I got a mail to make all accounts KYC compliant.
I was behind it.
MGT: So all your accounts are KYC compliant.

BM : No sir, I was instructed to get Health / General insurance immediately.
MGT: So you made a good other income through Health/ General insurance.

BM : No sir by the time I got mail to clear verification of title deed, clear inspection comments, staff accountability, enroll all customers to Prime Minister Schemes etc..
MGT: And you have done all these.

BM : No sir , ZO/ RO instructed me to concentrate on Writeoff / NPA.
MGT: So you have made good recovery.

BM : No sir by the time Quarter is over .

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