Last week I was doing my grocery shopping at a local store. I was in a hurry because I had to get to work. I had purchased a package of sports drink and, when checking out, put it on the bottom of the cart. In my haste, I did not put it in my car when I emptied the cart.

Later, I went back to the store and the cart was not there in the rack. One of the high school students that was retrieving carts came by and I asked if anyone had turned in the beverages. She said she did not notice but with a big smile said, "If you can wait, I will go in and check." A few minutes later, she came out with the beverages and said, "Here they are." I was very surprised someone had taken the time to turn them in. It may not have seemed like much and it was only a few dollars, but what a lift to know there are still honest, caring people out there.

 Source; Values

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