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Digital Signage Software: What You Need To Know

Digital signage is a crucial tool for businesses looking to expand their reach and interact with customers in a new way in keeping with mo...

Digital signage is a crucial tool for businesses looking to expand their reach and interact with customers in a new way in keeping with modern technology. 

What Is Digital Signage?

In its broadest sense, digital signage refers to any screen, of any size, displaying any content for any reason. It is all around us. You will see it in train stations, beside bus-stops, in restaurants, and even hanging out in an airport. Everywhere you look, there are examples of digital signage. With the trend only increasing in popularity, now is the time to get your business involved.

Technologies such as Projection, LED and LCD are used to display information—for example, in a train station, store, or hotel. They may also show digital images— may be of the stock or product the business is offering— as well as streaming media and video. This is often seen in hotel lobbies which broadcast news, the stock market, and other vital information.

Digital signage provides an excellent form of advertising and is versatile in its application. As we have seen from the examples above, it is not restricted to indoor use and can be displayed anywhere, anytime. 

The Benefits of Digital Signage
Digital signage is like having your personal television channel, broadcasting only the content which suits your customers. You can use it to increase brand awareness and promote products, with the advantage of being able to change this information whenever you need –for example seasonally, or as trends change.

It also helps you to create a more personal experience with your customers and can be an essential part of your overall advertising campaign. Digital signage is often integrated with social media platforms, smartphone apps, and interactive, ongoing campaigns to help customers to connect more personally with your brand— a technique which has been proven to boost sales.

It is possible to create targeted messages to sell a particular style or product, and interactive features such as touch screens allow customers to take control. As an example, clothing retail stores may use this feature to enable customers to create different outfit combinations and looks right there in the store, without having to try on hundreds of outfits.

Which Software Is Best?
As with any product, brands claiming to have the best digital signage software saturate the market. Only a select few can put their money where their mouth is, though, and offer a top-quality service which is easy to use. Benefits include:

No upfront investment: There is an option to purchase most cloud services on a monthly or annual basis with volume discounts available as you hit targets.

No maintenance or installation: You can get on with focusing on your business, with nothing to monitor, update, install or maintain.

Great for small businesses: The hard work is taken care of. You don't need a dedicated web or technical team to install and maintain an onsite CMS server.

Take your advertising to the next level by investing in digital signage. You have nothing to lose.