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Height Tips Review - 10 Tips to Grow Tall & Increase Height

  Society tends to hold tall people in high esteem. Don't you believe it? Well, here are some fun facts about tall people. For exam...


Society tends to hold tall people in high esteem. Don't you believe it? Well, here are some fun facts about tall people.

For example, tall people are seen as natural leaders. A significant portion of the Fortune 500 CEOs is all above average height. About 58% of them are above 6 feet tall. Furthermore, 38 out of 43 presidents in the United States have also been taller than average.

That explains why tall people make more money than their shorter counterparts. So, how can you become tall? Which are some the foolproof tips to make you taller than you actually are?

Eat Lean Proteins

Not eating a balanced diet is one of the significant factors contributing to short stature. A well-balanced diet intended to make you taller includes lean proteins. You see, proteins are the building blocks for cartridge, muscles, and bones. Without proteins, it is almost impossible to grow even an inch. Malnutrition children have stunted growth and weak bones.

Eat Calcium-Rich Foods

Calcium is a mineral that makes your bones stronger. Together with phosphorus, calcium is an essential component of your bones. You need strong bones as you
grow taller or the process may stop. The best sources of calcium include dairy products.

Get enough vitamin D

Research shows that vitamin D is critical to healthy muscles and bones. Mainly, the lack of enough vitamin D contributes to weak bones and insufficient muscles. Also, the body processes do not function properly, and you lack enough raw materials to power growth.


Lack of zinc in your body is another cause for insufficient growth. Zinc is at the center of various body processes that make you healthy and contribute to your growing tall. Spinach. Lamb and seafood are some of the best sources of zinc.

You may Consider Supplements

You may also consider getting vitamin supplements. The most critical among the supplements include vitamin d and zinc. Alternatively, you can get
cod liver oil tablets. These tablets include vitamin D, zinc and omega 3 to make your bones strong, service your joints and protect them from injury.

Get Sufficient Sleep

As a teenager, staying up late will do you no good regarding getting taller. You need to sleep enough to allow your body to recover and grow. The human growth hormone is one of the most important substances that your body produces, and which makes you taller. However, one of the ways that your body produces it is when you're asleep.


A sedentary lifestyle is a sure ticket to an unhealthy weight and a host of other health problems. Regular exercises allow good circulation of blood in your body. It also helps produce more human growth hormone to service your muscles. The human growth hormone helps in cell regeneration necessary for growth.


Stretching every day the first thing in the morning and right before you go to bed improves your posture. It also helps achieve a better blood flow that the body processes need.

Some of the exercises that will help with your height growth include the cobra stretch and the bridge stretch.

Work on your Posture

The right posture prevents your spine from decompressing. If you are working at the desk, sit upright with your back to the chair and chin upwards. Your legs should be straight, and your chin should always stick upwards.

Your Clothing Fashion

Skinny jeans and slim skirts help accentuate the shape of your legs. It helps take away the attention from your height and towards the form of your legs. Furthermore, they make you seem taller than when wearing baggy clothes.

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