During my second business in UAE, my mentor was a very talented CEO, who was from Sweden (Swedish fella) and sold Zawya to Reuters for an 8 figure amount. His body clock was perfect. He would come in no later than 3 minutes late (his benchmark) for a 1 hour mentoring weekly session. After 37-38 minutes he would look at his watch to say, "we are 40 minutes in," after which we would make small talk and talk about trends (after the actual mentoring and progress check) then he would quicky packup to head home, "he couldn't be late to see his boys", so he used to say.

Moral of the story: CEOs and senior staff need to be the most punctual. They set an example for others. But in Pakistan its pathetic. Today was a session at a popular coworking space and despite waiting for 60 minutes from the advertised time, the speaker did not show up. Needless to say local coworking spaces loose money this way. Same thing happened with a team coming from Islamabad a week ago. People there are worse.

I don't care who you are, you can notify if you are getting late.

Punctuality and importance of time is the first and most important habit in entrepreneurs (anyone's) life. Time reflects character!!

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