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How To Prevent Periodontal Disease?

  If you are not familiar with periodontal disease, you must be with gum disease, these two are just the same in meaning. This disease sta...


If you are not familiar with periodontal disease, you must be with gum disease, these two are just the same in meaning. This disease starts when bacteria from plaque builds up in between the teeth and gums. In the event that the bacteria starts growing, gums surrounding your tooth may become inflamed. 

 If this is not attended to the soonest, inflammation may cause your gums and its supporting bone structure worsen and deteriorate. This may lead to recession of gums or possible loss of tooth or teeth. Unfortunately, there are more health issues that can happen due to gum problems, heart disease and diabetes to name two.

How To Prevent Periodontal Disease?

There are good ways to prevent periodontal disease from happening, and below are to name some of them:

· Brushing your teeth: After every meal, it is recommended that you make it a practice to brush your teeth. This can help in removing plaque and food debris trapped in between your gums and teeth. When brushing teeth, do not forget to brush your tongue as well, as bacteria may be hiding there somewhere

· Floss: Brushing may not be enough to reach all the plaque and food particles in between your teeth and your gum line, hence flossing should be done at least once a day

· Use mouthwash: Mouthwash can help big time in reducing plaque and it can also remove food particles that brushing and flossing left behind

· Know your possible risk: Genetics, diet, smoking and age may increase periodontal disease risks. If you know that you are at greater risk, make sure to consult a dentist immediately. 

· Visit a periodontist: Have an annual CPE or Comprehensive Periodontal Evaluation. This examination will check your bone structure, bite, gum, plaque level and teeth and some other risks that may cause periodontal disease. Finding out early signs of this disease can help you protect your gums and teeth from such.
Prevention of Periodontal Disease

Even how much you take care of your teeth and gums, periodontal disease may still happen. But you should not worry as much, as you do not have to suffer from irritated, swollen, and bleeding gums forever. There are treatments that are made specifically for this kind of diseases,
read more here.

Meanwhile, other than treatments or procedures, there are alternative ways you can use and do to prevent this disease from happening.

· Special toothpaste: There are toothpaste made to reverse this kind of disease and using them to your advantage is a good idea. The more natural the toothpaste, the better. Most of them have special oil, like Tea Tree Oil, which can help alleviate this disease from progressing

· Take vitamins: Vitamins C and E can help fight the occurrence of periodontal disease. By taking such vitamins, you are not only preventing this disease, but you are also keeping up with healthy body