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Benefits Of Using Mascots For Marketing

  Ever attended a sports game and seen a life-size bear? Ideally, that would be a scary scene if it were a real bear, but it isn’t. Inside...


Ever attended a sports game and seen a life-size bear? Ideally, that would be a scary scene if it were a real bear, but it isn’t. Inside this bear costume is a person cheering his team that is playing. Mascots are considered a lucky charm and have not only been used in sports but schools, military units, or even brand name. They have also been used as fictional characters to represent consumer goods seen on the packaging. This trend is not only entertaining and memorable but has resulted in the formation of companies such as the
Hogtown Mascots, solely dedicated to the making of memorable mascots. The use of mascots as a marketing strategy has enormous benefits to businesses, and the key ones are discussed below;

1. They tell the company's story.
A mascot is a phenomenon beyond the use of a mere costume. The character representing your brand goes a long way in telling the company's story. It symbolizes the organization spirit and can be used to teach your audience something about your company.

Through a mascot, you develop a back story and a design that appeals to your current and prospective customers. With this strategy, you will be able to entice new customers and, in turn, increase your revenue.

2. Increases audience engagement
The use of mascots is a smart move; they can be marketed over multiple platforms either physically or through social media. You may use your brand mascot at social events, display them at the company's exhibitions. You can also use them to boost your online presence, as it is a way to bring people together and create memories with your brand in mind. They can be valid at malls and parks as an attraction to children. Such characters appeal to the minds of the young ones that when it comes to purchasing a good with that mascots picture, they will for sure pick that product above all others. 

Taking this into consideration, the use of mascots is quite effective in capturing people's hearts and emotions. They give a face to the brand and becomes an entity that we can turn to when we need a reason to connect with the brand.

3. Cost-effective 
The use of mascot is quite pocket-friendly to companies as the image of the mascot remains the same. Unlike other tools applied in marketing where constant changes have to be made, a mascot remains constant. This creates consistency for the target audience as they learn to trust the new face of the brand as well as stay loyal to the brand itself.

With a mascot, you have control of your market and can send out messages that best promote you as an entity.

4. Boosts social media ratings
In a world run by social media, it would be amiss if a company fails to advertise through such platforms. By giving your mascot a unique personality seen continuously on social media, sending out messages on new products, how to use them and whatnot, will increase your ratings immensely. Through social media, a company can do market research on new products yet to be released and get feedback on the same. And in case of any preferences, the changes are effected to ensure customer satisfaction.

Mascots can be all fun and games, but as we have seen above, they too can be a vital tool to take a company to a whole new level.

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