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Ways To Improve Your Public Speaking Skills

Every now and then we get into a situation where we have to speak in front of the public. Be it an interview, presentation or a small sp...

Every now and then we get into a situation where we have to speak in front of the public. Be it an interview, presentation or a small speech with friends, some of us have a fear of speaking in front of people no matter how small the crowd is. Public speaking can make you anxious especially if you are not habituated to addressing a lot of people at once. Most people get self-conscious and start palpitating when made to speak in front of the public. While many confident speakers are out there, they make them confident by practice. This is the reason why people who get nervous and people with anxiety issues have a tough time during the interviews. Read on if the line above defines you or you really want to improve your public speaking skills further and help you become a quality orator.

Why Do You Need Public Speaking Skills?

You may be wondering why you really need
public speaking skills. Well, public speaking skills come handy in many places such as interviews, functions, get-togethers and even life in general. A person who has good speaking skills will always be preferred over someone who stammers and stutters in every sentence. Words have power and the way the words are presented have power too. 

 A good speaking skill adds charm to you as a whole. Nothing wins the heart like a good set of words. Having good public speaking skills can increase your reputation and boost your confidence and open your gates to numerous opportunities. Not only will it increase your opportunities for promotion, but it will also help you raise awareness for your organization. It will also help you if you are asked to give sudden speeches during marriages and other ceremonies as such. Public speaking is a life-changing skill. It will help you find your way out even in the trickiest of situations. And luckily this is a learnable skill. With enough practice and dedication, you can be a good public speaker that radiates confidence.

Where To Begin

The first step while giving a speech is to know what you are going to say. This requires some planning about how you are going to structure what you will say. Think about this as the first sentence of a long caption, if the first sentence catches your eye you are ready to spend even 2-3 minutes reading it, otherwise, you skip it. The same way, if your speech isn't interesting from the very beginning, you are going to lose the audience. You need to keep them hooked from the first line itself. Start with something that catches the attention of the audience like some interesting statistic or headline, or simply talk about any fact from the topic you are going to speak about that will make the audience want to know more. Storytellings can also be a good way to open your speech, but make sure the story is short and interesting and catches the attention of the audience.

Impromptu Speech:

Sometimes you may have to give a speech suddenly with almost no time to prepare. Such speeches are known as ‘
Impromptu speeches’ and can turn you into an anxious mess if you don’t know the proper ways to speak in public. Don’t let the lack of time and preparation get to you. The first part of giving any speech in public is to calm your mind. Your mind will only be calm if you have any sort of idea what you are going to say.

The safest way to do this is to begin by talking about the past then gradually moving to the present and the future. This is a safe pass if you have no idea about what to say.once you begin the speech with this in mind ideas will flow into your head and you will be able to say more things. When you have the content you won't be as nervous and you can give a speech that will win many hearts.



Practice may sound like the good old thing that everybody says, but trust me it will make a huge difference. They don't say "Practice makes perfect!" for no reason. It will actually boost your self-confidence and gradually increase your public speaking skills. Begin your practice by speaking to yourself in the mirror, then start speaking in front of a small crowd of known and supportive people and gradually you’ll see yourself starting to speak in front of all kinds of people. Try putting yourself in situations where you’ll be required to speak publicly.

Engage With Your Audience:

Engaging with your audience is another important part of public speaking. If situation permits, try asking leading questions to a certain individual or group while encouraging them to do the same. Don’t portray yourself as a speaker.
Sanjay Jhunjhunwala, a motivational speaker based on Kolkata, says that “Try to reduce sentences with individual opinions like those that begin with ‘I think’ and try using the word ‘actually’ instead.” Also, how you talk affects your speech. Try not to sound too nervous. Gather your thoughts and place your points naturally in the speech. You don’t have to follow the script, just know the points and say them in the words that you are comfortable with.

Body Language:

Body language plays another important role in public speaking. Shivery legs and nervous looks can make your audience uninterested and you may end up being a joke. To avoid this, stand up straight and take deep breaths. Try to make eye contact with people and smile naturally. Try walking around and engage the audience with gestures. This will keep the audience interested in you and your speech.

These are just a few ways you can improve your public speaking skills. Try recording yourself to see where you go wrong with your speech or your body language. A third person perspective of yourself will help you see your mistakes clearly and help you improve your skills. Also, remember to think positively. Your speech will never be as bad as you think it is. It's all in your head. Just practice frequently and take care of a few things and you will be a good public speaker with no shaky legs and an aura of confidence.