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Best Low-Budget Marketing Ideas for Small Business

Many low-budget marketing strategies won’t stress your budget but will still bring you attention. It doesn’t matter how far you plan to st...

Many low-budget marketing strategies won’t stress your budget but will still bring you attention. It doesn’t matter how far you plan to stretch your marketing finances if you use the money in smart, economical ways. Here are the best low-budget marketing ideas for small businesses to implement in 2019. 

Add a Blog to Your Website
If you make a point of publishing interesting content relevant to your business in a blog on your website every month, it is a great way to reach out to organic traffic on the search engines. If writing is not your strong suit, and there is no one on your team who can help out, try sourcing a content writer online as they are extremely reasonably priced. 

Build Your Brand and Website with a Video Marketing Campaign 

It used to be that a small business could post a video on YouTube, and then add a link to it on their website. This is seen by the customer as slightly bargain basement marketing. It could negatively impact the message you want your brand to portray. The answer to any small business who wants to add video marketing to their online presence is to use the services of a brand builders video marketing company. These services fit comfortably into a strict marketing budget provide numerous benefits to both the small business and the consumer. 


When a consumer has the choice between reading some densely-typed print or navigating a fun infographic, they will choose the latter. Infographics are incredibly powerful marketing tools and a great way to drum up links and referral traffic to your site. You can obtain free vector kits to help you make a stunningly beautiful infographic in your own leisure time. This saves you the money spent on hiring a graphic designer as well. 

Customer Referral Programs

Good word of mouth is one of the most valuable marketing tools,and it’s free. The key is to get the customer to talk about your business to other people, and this can take a little extra prompting sometimes. The way to do it is to develop a customer referral program. This can be done in several different ways, but the main thing is to reward a customer for the referral. Amply compensatingcustomers for making an effort keeps them happy—and continuing to refer. Free samples, free services, or a free meal are all ways small businesses use this marketing strategy. 

Apply For Relevant Business Awards

Every business has an award for which they can qualify. This will add an extra level of credibility and esteem to your business. Business awards lead to more bookings, increased sales, and positive word of mouth. Checkonline for business awards that fit your business profile: green initiatives, star ratings, best business practices, high-quality service of excellence—anything that will bring attention to the level of service and product efficiency is good. 

Take these easy-to-implement strategies and make 2019 the year your business’s marketing goes to the next level.