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Everything you need to know about PMP certification

PMP certification has become quite famous in the past few years when it comes to certifications that are globally accepted and recogniz...

PMP certification has become quite famous in the past few years when it comes to certifications that are globally accepted and recognized. Project managers all around the world are looking for ways in which they can expand their horizon and grow in their career. PMP certification is one such certification for Project managers all around the world which is helping them in their overall strategic management.

Back in the years, this same certification was looked down at since it lacked discipline and practice. But, over the years, the value for this certification has increased and individuals have become more aware of it. Companies started to realize the need for having project managers in their company. Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) is the guide which was developed by the Project Management Institute (PMI) as a standard guideline. Today, a lot of firms have accepted PMBOK and the only way companies determine a person’s understanding of the PMBOK is by taking the PMP exam and achieving the
PMP certification

What is the current scenario of PMP certification?
With the passing time, companies and organizations understand the importance of PMP certification and its value has increased globally. Looking at the trend of the industry, one can definitely say that there will come a time when organizations will only have project managers who are PMP certified.

It has not been long since the establishment of this program but in a very short time, PMP has grown in leaps and bounds. The Return on Investment of PMP certification is extremely high. Not only do these projects managers get challenging tasks and assignments but also do they get paid more compared to non-PMP certified project managers.

PMP certified Project Managers have the benefit of working in different industry sectors including IT, Baking, Construction, Pharma, Telecom, Automotive, Petroleum, Technology and many more. 

Why should you get a PMP certification?
To get a PMP certificate is an essential step towards your career development as employers recognize competent and qualified candidates. Given below are a few reasons why project managers should opt for PMP certification:

● The certificate will show the level of dedication you have towards this profession. 

● This certification program will identify the skills, abilities, and knowledge you have in the project management field. 
● More and more companies are making their way to hiring project managers who have PMP certification. 
● The earning perspective is better than a lot of jobs and according to a recent study, PMP holders can earn 23% more compared to toothier counterparts. 
● There is no limit to career opportunities and advancements in this field so one can easily choose from a wide range of job opportunities. 
● It helps in preparing a person for advanced and better job roles and opportunities. This can prepare them to tackle difficult situations. 
● Firms that have more PMP managers can deliver projects on time and it has been proven that their work performance is better than firms which do not have PMP certified managers. 
● It helps in building self-confidence.
● A person who is PMP certified will have more recognition in the market and will be acknowledged from both, peers and employers. 
● It helps in creating a network of like-minded professionals who are on the same path and understand your profession better. 

What is the format of the PMP exam? 
The exam is designed in a way that it tests the knowledge and skills of an individual in the field of project management. The exam comprises of theories and concepts which are related to this field and these concepts are derived from PMBOK guide. The guide is based on the basic standards and sketches of project management and a lot of companies across the world accept these standards.

Currently, the exam is based on the 6th edition of PMBOK and the exam consists of:

● 200 multiple choice questions.
● 25 questions are known as the sample questions which are placed randomly in the question paper. They are meant to raise the standard of the exam. These questions have no role whatsoever in determining pass or fail. 
● The total time duration to complete the exam is four hours.
● No negative markings for wrong answers.

The exam will test the individuals on areas and processes which are based on PMBOK. These questions will be based on the 49 different project management processes, 5 groups, and 10 knowledge areas. This exam is used to test the aspirants on the following five performances:

● Initiating the project 
● Planning the project
● Executing the project
● Monitoring and controlling the project
● Closing the project.

What is the passing mark for the PMP exam?
Earlier, there used to be passing mark for the exam but nowadays there is no standard passing score. This also means that passing the exam totally depends on the difficulty level of the questions, which can vary test to test. This can make the
PMP exam look a little mysterious.

In the current scenario, since there is no standard passing mark, aspirants should try on answering as many questions as they can. Scoring anywhere above 75% will be more than enough to be on the safe side. The results are usually declared in the form of pass or fail and the proficiency levels are declared on the five different domains. These levels can be “Proficient/Moderately Proficient/Below Proficient.” In order to pass the exam one has to get an overall pass. 

What is the PMP application audit?
PMI decides to randomly pick applicants for audit. Once they have selected an applicant for audit, this applicant will have to provide necessary documents as evidence guided by the process of PMI audit. If you are selected for audit, do not panic, just follow the procedure and collect the required documents. Once you have collected these documents, send it to PMI. The process at times can get delayed by a couple of weeks.

I hope this article was helpful to you and your doubts and queries were resolved. Consistency is the key to success, no matter which field you are in; so be patient and consistent.