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3 Ways a Country Club Wedding Takes the Stress Out of Planning

  Weddings are special, milestone events, and parts of the planning process can be enjoyable. Brides and grooms get to make choices abou...


Weddings are special, milestone events, and parts of the planning process can be enjoyable. Brides and grooms get to make choices about the decoration colors, the dinner menu and the perfect venue. However, managing all the minute details can become stressful. Scenic venues like country clubs have long been known for weekend golf escapes, but you can now take advantage of them as full-service wedding venues that simplify the planning process. If an easy-to-plan wedding in a beautiful location like the Florida Panhandle sounds like a dream, check out these three reasons why a Pensacola country club wedding might be the right choice for your event.

One-Stop Shop

Venues such as country clubs frequently offer comprehensive, on-site services so that those getting married don’t need to coordinate multiple vendors. On-site catering, bartending and entertainment services take the stress out of planning and, for services that aren’t included, most country clubs have preferred vendor lists. These lists allow you to choose previously-vetted business owners such as florists or photographers without having to worry whether you’ll have a good experience. The manager of the club will likely have photos and reviews for the vendors they use, and can help you pick vendors that mesh with your idea of the perfect wedding.

Built-In Backup Plan

There’s not much that’s more stressful than planning a beautiful outdoor wedding, only to be rained or blown out. Country clubs often have both indoor banquet rooms and outdoor spaces to provide the perfect setting for your wedding, whether you’d like it to be inside or outside. By having both types of reception facilities, you can relax knowing there will be a suitable backup plan in case of inclement weather.

Beyond the Reception

A country club wedding can seamlessly provide services for much more than just the reception. Would you like to hold the ceremony on-site? Are you looking for golf activities for your bridal party or in-laws either the day before or after the wedding? Do you need to plan the perfect next-day brunch for those guests staying in town overnight or a rehearsal dinner for the night before the wedding? A country club is perfectly positioned to create a magical weekend with these additional services.
While planning a wedding can often become stressful, utilizing the services of a country club can help you relax and enjoy the process. It's low-risk, one-stop shopping for a multitude of services and activities in and around your big day.

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