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Artistic Skills That You Can Turn Into a Successful Business Venture

As of 2018,  over 2.1 million p eople were able to sell their products through Etsy. This figure has increased dramatically over ...

As of 2018, over 2.1 million people were able to sell their products through Etsy. This figure has increased dramatically over the past few years (from just 830,000 sellers in 2012). Aside from this single platform, many more sellers have started to offer their artwork and design services on their own Shopify stores, through Fiverr, and through their own eCommerce websites. Since the number of creative businesses has skyrocketed both online and in local communities, it may seem impossible to become a successful entrepreneur in this industry. However, while some niches are more saturated than others, there are specific artistic skills that are always in demand. Learn more about three top ideas for building a successful and creative business venture.

Unique clothing and apparel design
Although there have been thousands of private label and dropshipping clothing sites launched over the last decade, unique clothing options are still in high demand. When you have the technology to create printed t-shirts, for example, you can make exciting designs that do not yet exist. From vintage video game images, to funny and original phrases, you can make t-shirts customized to your niche audience(s). Some artists have been so successful in creating amazing shirts and apparel items that larger companies have started using similar designs. One instance of this happening in recent years is with Disney World apparel. As the popularity of fan-created Disney World apparel began to rise, the company began to take note. Now, you can find apparel items throughout the Disney parks that mimic the phrases and designs of fan produced products.

Graphic design
An estimated 627,000 new businesses are started each year. Additionally, as reported by, between 600,000 and 1,000,000 books are published in the U.S. each year. How are these two figures related? They are just two examples where graphic designers are needed. From creating business logos, to designing book covers and interiors, these creative individuals are needed every day across industries. Because many graphic designers work on a freelance basis (as reported by Shutterstock), it is relatively easy to open your own business if you possess this type of talent.

Creatively repurposing used items
Although some people flip items without putting in any additional effort, artists are giving used items new life with their talents. From redesigning lamps, to refurbishing vintage toys, you can definitely make a successful business from flipping used items. Oftentimes, artists who go into this kind of business choose a niche area on which to focus. They will work on creatively flipping things such as furniture, decorative items, and clothing/jewelry. What is particularly exciting about this type of business is that you can sell items both online and in person.

Turning your artistic abilities into a profitable business is a doable goal. Despite the millions of others who are now selling their creative products and services, there is always room for those who are talented, driven, and ready to put their full effort behind starting a business.

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