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9 Tips for Good Decision Making

Its true that you are the product of your own thoughts, plannings and decisions. The acts you perform today constitute towards your su...

Its true that you are the product of your own thoughts, plannings and decisions. The acts you perform today constitute towards your success or failure. While each person is independent to decide the course of his/her life up to a certain extent, below mentioned generic approach will help you make better decisions of your life.

1. Consider the short term and long term consequences: Whether the decision is materialistic or a sensitive family matter. You have to consider short terms and long terms benefits (or risks). Probably some of the decisions are short term gain but long term pain. Think!

2. Cost Vs Quality: If you intend to purchase something, consider cost, quality and warranty aspects. Usually cheep products have less life and bad quality but is not the case always. On the other side, high quality products may cause heavy impact on your pockets. You must maintain a fine balance between cost and quality. To cope up with this, define your budget and then carefully analyze all the options which are falling within your budget. 

3. Needs Vs Wants analysis: Are you purchasing for pleasure or it is your long term need. Remember there is a difference between pleasure and happiness. Sometimes pleasure dost not last long, so you shouldn't spend unnecessarily for the sake of short time pleasure. If you are in Need of something then consider point-1 and point-2. 

4. Emotional Aspect: This is quite sensitive consideration. You have to put yourself in everyone's shoes to understand his/her point of view. You don't want to hurt someone with your decision, instead you want to keep your stake holders emotionally satisfied. Emotional Intelligence is an art; learn it by reading on internet. To understand people you have to have true sense of judging people

5. Consider Win-Win: A decision that makes people associated with you unhappy is not a good decision.  A balanced approach which results gain and happiness for everyone is imperative.

6. Stay Open to Ideas: Don't limit yourself to your personal thoughts, desires, wants, dreams and wishes, instead seek advice from others on different possible solutions for your circumstances and your possible plans/decision. You will be amazed to know many other possible solutions exist.

7. Criticism is Good: If possible ask for criticism before implementing the decision. Although it's never too late to ask for criticism even after your decision. Feedback always helps improve the situation. If you are a professional person, consider six sigma technique for continuous improvement

8. Learn to differentiate between Urgent and Important tasks. Read this article Urgent and Important

9. Practice Strong Observation: A wise man always learns from the mistakes of others. A wise man learns from everyone around him. Regardless how much genius you are, there is always something to learn from someone. Observe your boss on how he manages different situations, image if your favorite personalty had to do a certain decision, how he/she would act.

Do you have any other recommendations for good decisions? Enlighten our  readers please.  

Article Written by Junaid Tahir