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Proven Ways to Build Strong Bones in Kids

  Parents often do not consider bone health while making a diet plan for their kids. Intake of Vitamin D and calcium can help kids g...


Parents often do not consider bone health while making a diet plan for their kids. Intake of Vitamin D and calcium can help kids grow healthy bones that can minimize bone diseases later in life. During the early years, bones develop the high deposit things possible that work for the rest of life.


Pediatricians often suggest the parents increase their concern for their kids’ bone health because it will reduce the risks of osteoporosis later in life. Foods and exercise can improve the density of the bones and strengthen them.


Physical activity and dietary habits of your children prevent them from bone diseases. My son also has had weak bone health, and a Child Doctor in Islamabad asked me to increase the physical activity of him. Let's have a look at how parents can build strong bones in kids.


Don’t Forget Calcium-Rich Food


Researchers share that 99% of calcium is in our bones and our bodies. Other organs of the body use calcium too. When a child boy does not produce enough calcium, the other organs take the calcium from bones. To prevent such conditions, we should plan a diet plan that includes calcium-rich food for our kids. One glass of milk provides 300mg of calcium to the body, and other foods (cereals, juices, almonds, figs, tofu, etc.) are also the best choices for building strong bones in kids. A variety of calcium-rich food for your child will maintain the calcium level in your kids’ bodies and build strong bones.


Vitamin K


Vitamin K boosts bone formation by increasing its markers. Kids' growth changes from time to time, but parents should make sure that foods can keep their bone health strong. Leafy green vegetables, including cabbage, broccoli, spinach, etc. are vitamin k-rich foods. If your child does not like vegetables, you can give them fruits that are rich in vitamin k, including figs, blackberries, kiwi, pomegranate, prunes, etc.


Vitamin D


Studies show that sunlight exposure triggers the production of Vitamin D in the body. You should ask your children to sit in sunlight for vitamin D. Researchers also claim that excessive sunlight exposure can increase the chances of skin cancer. We have also come with its alternative if your child has an allergy to sunlight. Parents should consider some foods that are rich in vitamin D, including mushrooms, fish, egg yolk, fortified foods, col olive oil, etc.




Studies show that physical activity in childhood develops the bone stronger. Parents must encourage their kids to weight-bearing exercises as it will help them to be more active than other kids. Swimming also boosts cardiovascular health, but parents must involve their kids in weight-bearing activities to stimulate their bones.


What Physical Activities Kids Should Do?



Lifting weights


Using weight machines



Elastic bands


Say No to Soda

Kids love soda, but parents should stop them. Why?


Soda stops the bones from absorbing nutrients from our body. Such liquids also do not give energy to our kids and weaken their bones. Parents should replace the soda drinks with other liquids such as milk, juices, smoothies, etc.


Avoid Injuries


Parents should teach their kids to practice safety measures before doing any activity. For example, your child goes on cycling. You should ask him/her to wear protective pads and a helmet.



Every individual should take vitamin D and K-rich food plus increase the intake of calcium. Early age healthy diet leaves long-lasting effects on the body and prevents the kids from adulthood diseases. Make sure that your children also spend some time in sunlight as it triggers the production of Vitamin D in their bodies. We all should follow the natural ways to fulfill bone health requirements, or we need to take supplements later in life. I remember how many kids were at the Children Clinic for a weak bone health consultation. The number of weak-bones kids increases every year, and now, we should show more concern to grow kids with healthy bones.