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Common Ways People Lose Their Jewelry and How To Avoid Them

  It's common to lose your jewelry. You may lose a piece of jewelry that you wore all the time and really loved. Or you may lose a piece...

 It's common to lose your jewelry. You may lose a piece of jewelry that you wore all the time and really loved. Or you may lose a piece of jewelry that you only wear on special occasions. No matter how you lose it, it's always a pain, especially if you are attached to it emotionally. In addition to the monetary value of the jewelry, many people feel a personal connection to their pieces, which can make the loss even more inconvenient. Here are some of the most common ways people lose their favorite pieces and how to avoid them.

Leaving Your Jewelry Near the Sink


Most people take off their jewelry when they wash their hands, cook, use the bathroom, or take a shower. This is because it's easier to do these activities without accessories on. For example, women's rings end up near the sink or the countertop when they take a bath or when they are dressing down at the end of the day. It's not uncommon for women to remove their engagement rings or wedding bands before bed. So, they'll often leave it near the sink. But this makes rings more likely to fall down the drain or end up somewhere they shouldn't be. Make sure to put your sterling silver ring or your favorite diamond rings away in a box or catchall dish so that you don't lose it.

Forgetting to Put Accessories Away After Use

One of the most common ways people lose their accessories is by forgetting to put them away after use. When you're finished wearing your rings or necklaces, be sure to put them away in a safe place. This can be a safe, an accessory box, or even small round plastic containers with lids. Placing your accessories in a container and making it a habit to put them away will prevent you from losing them more often than not. Plus, plastic containers are more inconspicuous. If you're traveling, for example, keeping your necklaces and earrings in a plastic container will make it less susceptible to theft.

Allowing Your Children to Play With Your Jewelry

One of the most common ways people lose their accessories is by allowing their children to play with them. Children are curious and often playful, which can lead to them inadvertently losing their accessories. To avoid this, always keep your favorite pieces out of reach of children. It can even be dangerous for them to play with your things, depending on how old they are. Children can be rough and they may not be gentle with your favorite rings or fine watches. They may end up breaking it or losing it. If your accessories are valuable to you, then you should care for them properly.

Forgetting to Take Off Your Jewelry Before Bed


This is the number one way to avoid losing your accessories. Most pieces can be easily lost when you're asleep because you're not paying attention to them. You don't want to wear them to bed and risk them getting tangled in the sheets or worse— lost forever. But what about your rings? Do you take them off too? Or do you leave them on, secure in the knowledge that they're safe and sound on your finger? If you really want to ensure that your accessories are taken care of and never lost, make it a habit to take off your favorite rings and necklaces before you hop into bed. Make it a priority to incorporate this step into your nighttime routine after brushing your teeth or getting into your sleepwear.

These were just a few ways people lose their jewelry and how you can avoid them.