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Carelessness about Medicines

By Junaid Tahir   During one of my previous visits to my native country, I happened to go to the market on my brother's bike...

By Junaid Tahir 
During one of my previous visits to my native country, I happened to go to the market on my brother's bike. It was a dusty dusk so my eyes got mild irritation. After taking the dinner at home, my sister in law told me to take an Eye soothing medicine from refrigerator. I took one Eyes Medicine out considering it to be an eye cleaner. I poured some drops into my eyes and lied down for relaxation. Around mid night, i went to washroom for night tooth brush and to my astonishment; i was unable to read the label of the tooth paste!!! I quickly washed my eyes again and tried to read but it was all blurry. This was the most horrible moment of my life. I couldn't believe 
what kind of stupid mistake I have done.  I am kind of a person who reads and investigates a lot about everything so it was very serious mistake on my part that i didn't read the label of the medicine properly. In fact this particular Eye Medicine was given to my elder brother by his doctor for his cornea expansion some weeks back. The soothing medicine was placed next to this medicine in refrigerator but I mistakenly took the wrong medicine. 
Anyways, I immediately rushed to the nearest hospital. The doctor on duty recommended visiting Eyes Specialist ASAP so I had to rush to another hospital. Off course, my brother was driving and i was sitting with my eyes closed and remembering God, seeking his blessings, thinking that i won't be able to continue my job and would lose my eye sight (God forbid). I was cursing the moment I used the medicine without proper care and vigilance. Anyways, we reached Eyes Hospital and the specialist treated me with the correct anti-allergic combination of medicines and in next half hour my eye sight became normal.
Based on this experience I recommend my readers the following: Whenever using medicine be vigilant on what disease you are suffering form and which medicine you are taking. 
  1. Always check the expiry date at the time of purchase and before using any medicines. Check the expiry of all medicines which you currently have in your house. Throw the expired ones.
  2. Read the side effects of medicine on internet. There are plenty of websites where you can type the medicine's name and it will give you side effects in detail. 
  3. If you have a sensitive symptom, don't try to be a doctor yourself. Visit a professional doctor and get prescription.
  4. Take the recommended amount of dosage. Don't invent dosage at your own.
  5. The health ministry of your country might have banned some medicine, try to investigate for a given medicine and report it to the relevant authorities in case of violation.  Play your role against corruption. 

Remember that mistakes are valuable as long as you learn from them. However, when it comes to sensitive matters like Health, do not take any risk. If you doubt on anything at first, doubt again. Consult doctor. Don't leave any symptom unattended. Small matters of ignorance can lead to big disasters in future!!!

Article written by Junaid Tahir