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9 Ways I Can Help Resolve Electricity Crisis

By Junaid Tahir The Importance of Electricity Electricity is the backbone of a country as millions of tasks, around the clock, are done ...

By Junaid Tahir

The Importance of Electricity

Electricity is the backbone of a country as millions of tasks, around the clock, are done with the help of electricity in industries, homes, offices, hospitals, schools, and so on. Hence, for sure, a country's economy is seriously linked with its energy reservoirs.

The Energy Crisis in Pakistan

Due to the ongoing countless hours without electricity in Pakistan, it has become a grave concern of each Pakistani today on how to get rid of this situation. In fact, this situation has raised the index of depression, stress, and anxiety in society. Every soul is cursing the governments (current and past) for not giving proper importance and taking concrete steps on this subject. However, a very minute population is really focusing on the solution to this crisis. Probably 99% of inhabitants think that the construction of new dams is the only solution to the problem. This is a major sign of misunderstanding and unawareness because there are several other techniques, if wisely adopted, that can bring adequate improvement in resolving the energy crisis.

Steps for Managing the Situation

Below I am going to draw your attention to surefire steps for managing the situation at the grassroots level. The steps mentioned below are in the format of self-audit so that the reader can feel the sense of self-accountability. If the answer to these questions is negative, then there is no need to curse the government because the reader too, unfortunately, is not playing their role just like the government agencies and ministries.

Self-Audit for Energy Conservation

  1. Have I replaced the High Wattage bulbs with Energy Saving bulbs at my home, shop, and/or office?
    I have to understand the fact that when I replace only one 80-watt bulb with a 15-watt energy saver, I will save 65 watts. If one million people do the same, then overall 65 million watts (6500 KW or 65 Megawatts) of electricity will be saved. If the whole nation does this, imagine how much of a huge difference we can make!

  2. Do I use electricity wisely?
    At daytime, there is no need for lights. At night, I should turn off my computers, ovens, etc., instead of putting them on 'sleep mode'. Every single watt matters if I consider the big picture.

  3. When I visit the market, do I encourage shop owners to turn extra bulbs and tube lights off?
    Do I encourage them to use one large bulb of 100 watts instead of 5 small bulbs of 50 watts each?

  4. Is it possible to use Solar energy devices at home?
    I should search in the market to see if solar rechargeable batteries are available.

  5. Too old appliances (Fans, machines, etc.) are consuming a lot of energy and increasing my monthly bills.
    In recent years, a lot of new appliances are available which are smart and energy-efficient.

  6. Do I turn the lights, fans, and other appliances off when leaving the room?

  7. Do I turn the air conditioner off when I am away from home for more than 2 hours?
    Do I set the thermostat at 24 degrees?

  8. If I belong to any media company (TV, print, internet, radio, etc.), can I arrange some seminars for public awareness?
    Can I take some steps to share the knowledge with people who do not use the internet?

  9. Should I share this email/article with more and more Pakistanis for awareness so that I can contribute to bringing a revolutionary impact in resolving the energy disaster?

The Broader Impact

As we know that there are thousands of jobless people because of the closed factories/industries due to the energy crisis; the families of such people are living a hand-to-mouth life nowadays.

So next time, when you carelessly use electricity, tell yourself that partially you are responsible for the circumstances of those kids who didn't eat their food as their father didn't earn because of the closed factory/shop. Realize your responsibilities and play your role starting NOW instead of waiting for the government to start the large and time-consuming projects.

About Author: Junaid Tahir is a passionate blogger. He writes articles on Leadership, Stress Management and Life Enhancement subjects at his personal blog