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Six Tips for Anger Management

Human psychology is based on logic, love, mental horizons and emotions. Since every soul is unique so there is a great possibili...

Human psychology is based on logic, love, mental horizons and emotions. Since every soul is unique so there is a great possibility of conflicts in your day to day dealings. Sometimes these conflicts lead you to serious brawls which are sometimes unavoidable hence trigger your anger. How to manage your anger? Here are some suggestions:
1-    Remember the fact the words spoken once cannot be recalled. When in rage, the tongue works faster than mind so there is a chance that you will have to regret what you have spoken. Your reactive approach may harm other person even if you were right at first. You might be forgiven but they will not forget what you said in anger as it is human psychology to remember what was said during the hard talks. So speak carefully. Your tongue sometimes act as a sword which can break the heart. Keep in mind that broken hearts are hard to cure!
2-   Leave the place of brawl and go to a peaceful location. Then carefully audit yourself if there was a genuine reason for being angry? You might be wrong. In fact every can be wrong at any time. You are not an angel; you are human. Humans make mistake. These mistakes are valuable as long as you learn from them. So do the self-audit first and then judge others, you will easily conclude the root cause of the situation. Sometimes you need analytical skills to judge yourself.  
3-   Sometimes you are angry for a specific event happening or conversation and sometimes you are angry persistently because the same situation is happening repeatedly. This cyclic happening is dangerous as it is draining your brain continuously and adding negative impact on your psychology. Get to the root of this issue and try to fix. If it is related to breach of trust by someone, read my article on developing trust here  and strive for the empowerment of your relations. Article written by Junaid Tahir.
4-   Avoid being Explosive to the situations. You might jeopardize the situation and your relationships. Repeated acts of reactions will impact your overall personality and eventually your character.  Article written by Junaid Tahir.
5-   Your frequent Mood swings indicate that you are an unpredictable personality. If you are a moody person and want to overcome this issue, please read my article here
6-   Develop the habit of 'letting things go'. Ignoring unnecessary comments and negative criticism from others gives your brain a great independence to focus on things which are more important.

Finally, I would advice that patience is the real key. Patience with family is love, patience with situations is success,  patience with others is respect and patience with God is Faith.

How do you manage your anger?

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M Junaid Tahir

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