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18 Ways to Make Your Parents Feel Great

By Junaid Tahir Parents nowadays are quite worried about the behavioral changes in their children due to several socio-economic re...

By Junaid Tahir

Parents nowadays are quite worried about the behavioral changes in their children due to several socio-economic reasons. The gap between parents and us, the youth, is increasing day by day, weakening family bonds. We, the youth, want liberty in every deed we do. We want our parents not to disturb us in whatever we do in whatsoever manner. We have forgotten the amount of time our parents have invested in our upbringing. We have forgotten the countless efforts and sacrifices by our parents throughout our lives.

From our birth, they have taken care of our food (22 years * 365 days * 3 times = 24,000 times!), our clothes (daily washing, ironing, new purchasing), our education (daily homework, uniform, school/tuition fee), religious & moral teaching every day (THE REAL GREAT JOB), computer & toys purchasing, and God knows how many other countless efforts they have put in to make us complete human beings to survive in this world. Indeed, all those efforts cannot be covered in this article, but the overall emphasis is that it's our moral and religious mandatory responsibility to take care of them now.

Below are some small acts of kindness which I request you to consider to show your affection for them and to take care of them:

  1. Give them enough money so that they don't have to ask you.
  2. Share funny and entertaining things with them to make them laugh or smile.
  3. Don't speak loudly. Speak slowly, nicely, and softly.
  4. Do not walk in front of them in the market or anywhere. They might walk slowly being old; stay behind them. Give them respect.
  5. Ask for small tasks repeatedly. For example, "Abou Jee, do you need water? Should I bring tea for you? Are you hungry, baba" etc.
  6. Closely monitor their health. Visit the doctor if required. Have them thoroughly checked from time to time.
  7. Take care of their medicines. Set reminders on your phone for their medicines and serve them on time.
  8. Take them to the mosque. Walk slowly. Follow their pace.
  9. Take them to the park for a walk. If not possible daily, then take them on weekends.
  10. Do not call them by their name. Call them with respect.
  11. Open the door for them with respect.
  12. Adapt yourself according to their schedule, not vice versa.
  13. Do shopping for them (buy their clothes, shoes, small items like toothpaste). Buy your mother a nice coffee cup.
  14. Take them to the market and buy them according to their likings. Buy your parents some nice books; usually, people love to read books in old age.
  15. When you come back home, visit them first in their room.
  16. Respect their social circle and let them enjoy it with their friends.
  17. In case of conflict on any issue, try to follow them as much as possible. Remember, they have been sacrificing their money and time in raising you for years and years. It's time to pay back. They have been showing all the patience during your childhood. It's time for you to be patient.
  18. Keep them with you instead of sending them to old houses etc. This will be a big act of ignorance if you do. When starting the food, serve them first.

In the end, I would recommend making a checklist of this email and pasting it on any wall in your room or kitchen and reading it often to remember.

About Author: Junaid Tahir, a telecom engineer and a blogger, writes articles on wisdom, happiness and stress management at his personal blog. His personal Google Group can be joined here. He is reachable at for any kind of suggestions and comments.