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The Guide to Stress Management for a Happier Life

The Guide to Stress Management for a Happier Life by Junaid Tahir Stressed and Unhappy? Trapped in complications? Having...

The Guide to Stress Management for a Happier Life
by Junaid Tahir

Stressed and Unhappy? Trapped in complications? Having issues in relationship? Financial barriers? Below is the vast list of social, personal, economical, familial and professional problems and recommended solutions for effective results. If your answer to any of the below questions is Yes, then it is recommend to read the associated article.

1-     Do you have complications in relationships? 
This usually happens when you have week relationships which makes you hyper sensitive in your day to day dealing with relationships. You must build your relations on the foundation of Trust. Read the article on Trust Building Here to empower your relationships  
2-    Are you disturbed because of negative thoughts? 
A negative brain is your worst enemy. It sows the seeds of pessimism, failure, brawls and disappointment in your spirit, consequently, impacts your character seriously. Read this article "Reasons for Negative thoughts and Stress, How to Avoid" Here.
3-    Are you a shy person? Cannot speak what you have in your heart? 
Effective Communication is the key to success. Nearly all other skills are linked with effective communication. Na matter how genius you are, you need to communicate remarkably to make a great impression. Read this article on "Effective Communication" Here.
4-    Had a bad past? Does your past bother you a lot? 
Past thoughts steal your peace of mind and seriously impact your routine life and eventually impacts your overall efficiency. Time, whether good or bad, passes quickly. Read this article on how to have strong control on your brain so that you can focus on present and future Here. Further, in order to develop the Habit of Not Looking Back you should read this article Here
5-    Are you worried about your finances?
Money is important for everyone for all stages of life. But do you really know what exactly is your real wealth and how you should strive to get it in order to have a stable, prosperous and healthy life? Read the article Here.  
6-    Do you get angry and irritated?
Getting angry all of a sudden is an indicative of being a quarrelsome person. You must know when to show your anger and when to be patient. Explore the concept of "Explosive and Implosive Personalities" Here. 
7-    Do you judge people around you fairly? 
Can you differentiate between sugar coated person and the genuine human beings? If not read this articleHere. Further, fair judgment will give you strength to establish more powerful relationships in life. Learn to Judge people by reading the article Here
8-    Do you lack in analytical skills and techniques?
Analytical Skills help in many ways. For example resolving problems in life, working on big projects, preparing monthly schedules, working on big databases, purchasing mobiles from market etc. Learn the art of analytical skills Here.  
9-    Are you having hard times in life?
Bad luck happens to everyone. Tough times are faced by every human being. If you know how to effectively manage your stress, you can reduce your tension index and increase happiness factor. Read this article "How to be strong in hard moments" Here. 
10-  Are you stressed because of being jobless? 
Being jobless is a real tragedy and brings a lot of complications too. While I wish you best of luck for your next job, read this article "15 ways to find new job" Here.
11-   Are you under the influence of criticism and tired of rude and negative comments?  
Everyone faces criticism. Don't take it at heart and don't let it affect your creative skills. Read this article on how to handle criticism Here.
12-  Are you striving for professional growth but unable to achieve it?
Working hard is very important for professional growth but there are other things which you have to consider for your professional growth too. Read this thorough article on how to ensure your professional growth Here. 
13-  Are you distressed because of being unorganized? 
Being organized helps in many ways; it improves your happiness index, increases your work efficiency, improves your life style, avoids any sudden mishaps etc. Read this article about "Advantages of being organized and how to be organized" Here
14-  Do you wish to have a balanced office-home life? 
Read this story about a newly married person of Dubai and learn this technique of having a balanced life,Here.
15-  Are you stuck in tragedies? 
Life is a mixture of beautiful as well as tragic moments. If you are having tragic times, read this article to overcome the situation, Here
16-   Do you have general tendency of depression? 
Depression usually disturbs the whole cycle of daily routines. Here are 10 tips through which you can fight depression. Read it Here.
17-  Are you unable to handle plenty of emails at office?
Too many emails bother me too. If you are also in the same boat, read my article here and learn how I manage my emails with 10 effective ways. 
18-  Do you want to make effective decisions 
Day to day, we have to make decisions. sometimes our small decisions have big impact, sometimes positive and sometimes negative, so decision making is seriously linked with our future and destiny. Read the article hereto learn to make effective decisions. There are 9 important tips on this subject.
19-  Are you stuck in conflicts at family or in office? 
A mature person handles the conflicts in a WIN-WIN way. Read these 6 Tips to resolve conflicts and gain respect from your colleagues and family members. 
20- Are you unable to handle rumors at work? 
Rumors shouldn't be taken seriously nor be ignored completely. Read this article about Rumors Here
21-  Surrounded by emotionally hyper minds (Idiots)? 
Society is a mixture of all kind of people; wise people, negative people, fraudulent people and so on. Sometimes someone triggers your anger; in such situations you shouldn't lose your temper. Read this detailed article on how to handle idiots Here
22- Want to be a cool headed person by managing your anger effectively? 
If you don't manage your anger, you are on the verge of failure in many ways, failure in social, professional and family relations, failure in losing business, failure in getting respect instead getting insulted. Read the article "6 Tips for Anger Management" Here. 
23- Lost peace of mind and want to recover it?
This is something every soul strives for; whether poor or rich, male or female, professor or a waterman. You can have this serene mental state by following the 7 suggestions in this article. Read it Here.
24- Care about being empathic?
Life is not always thinking about oneself; its more about caring for others. You can only care about others when you really understand the problems they are trapped in. if you would like to develop Empathic Skill, Read this article Here which contains 6 techniques to develop empathic and emotional skills
25- Trapped in a situation where you are forced to do illegal/fraudulent acts?
Your ethical, religious or legal boundaries encircle you to ensure that you live as a noble human being. Sometimes you are trapped in situations when you are asked to deviate from the ideals. You can read these tips to overcome such situations. Read the article Here 
26- Want to learn wisdom, leadership, stress management and want to gain knowledge about latest technical gadgets? 
Keep visiting my blog daily to read articles on happiness, wisdom, stress management, leadership, latest gadgets and other interesting articles.

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