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Great Use of 200 Ruppees

By Junaid Tahir: While driving back home I found 200 rupees (~2 USD or ~ 8 AED) in my car's dashboard.  I thought that most of t...

By Junaid Tahir:
While driving back home I found 200 rupees (~2 USD or ~ 8 AED) in my car's dashboard.  I thought that most of the time I don't really care how much money is in the dashboard or in my laptop bag or in my home drawer. The reason for this probably is that usually the amount is so less that it does not grab my attention at all. However very next moment I thought that this small cash can definitely make a BIG difference in someone's life. For example:
1-    Buying 3 times meals for a person or one time meal/flour for a small family remembering the fact that there are hundreds and thousands of families who cannot afford to have 3 meals a day.
2-   Buying a small blanket/sheet or a pillow for a poor who can sleep properly or by buying a sweater for a poor to keep him warm in the winter season while we enjoy warm heaters inside our homes.
3-   Giving this amount to a hospital to support their free medical services.
4-   Giving this amount to cover half day electricity bill for an orphan house.
5-   Taking responsibility for the monthly education fee for one orphan or poor kid.  

Well, we can think of many other genuine causes to spend such a minor amount in order to make BIG Difference in our society, especially considering the fact that millions of families are living below the poverty line around us or in this world. I personally think that if we don't ponder like this then we have quite a cruel attitude towards our society. So I urge all of you to find a good reason to spend your money instead of keeping the money in your car dashboards, home drawers or laptop bags. Never under estimate your little efforts. Remember that services to the society is the tax we must pay for living in this world and indeed this is one of the ways to thank God Almighty for the blessings He has showered upon you and your loved ones.

So in summary here is how you can be an effective member of humanity: a) by spending small amounts for social causes. b) by allocating 5% of your earning for feeding poor and supporting social causes c) Sharing this article on Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter and/or forwarding to your family, friends and colleagues to generate the ripple effect and spread awareness.  

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About Author: Junaid Tahir, a Project Manager and a passionate blogger writes articles on Stress Management, Leadership and Life Enhancement subjects. His articles can be read Here