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Do You Keep People Happy?

By Junaid Tahir Keeping people happy is one of the signs of God's presence in your heart because spreading and ensuring happin...

By Junaid Tahir
Keeping people happy is one of the signs of God's presence in your heart because spreading and ensuring happiness around you is the a human-nature-based instinct which is concretely linked with Universal principles of God.
Making people laugh for a short span of time is not to be considered as keeping them happy altogether because laughter is just a sub-set of happiness. You might make person giggle or feel good with by a joke, a sitcom, a nice instant comment but this feeling is for a very short span of time but keeping people happy for long terms is your real achievement because it indicates a permanent demonstration of your character trait for possessing high degree of care and love for others. (more articles on happiness and stress management can be read at www. DailyTenMinutes dot com)

Below are some good assessment points for you in terms of people's behaviour towards you: 

1-    Do people, directly or indirectly, appreciate you for your kind words and deeds quite often?
2-   Do people keep in touch with you by sending text, emails, phone calls etc?
3-   Do people trust in you and discuss their personal problems with you to seek advice?
4-   Do people share their secrets because they consider you as a deep sea who would keep the secret?
5-   Do people consider you as:
a.    Soft-heart person?
b.    An empathic Listener?
c.    A helping hand? 
d.    A conflict solver?
6-   Do people learn new moral, social, financial or ethical lessons when they meet you? Do they consider you as a source of inspiration and positivity?

In case your answer to these questions is No then you need to work on things bringing happiness in their lives which will bring you one step closer to God's blessings. Again, remember the fact that keeping people happy is not about making them laugh it's basically triggering the long lasting feeling of contentment and tranquillity in someone's heart by your persistent loving and caring behaviour.

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About Author: Junaid Tahir is a passionate blogger. He writes articles on leadership, Stress Management and Life Enhancement subjects at his personal blog