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How to Select the Right Mobile Phone

Since every person has his/her own likings and disliking when it comes to purchasing a new mobile so there is no final answer on whi...

Since every person has his/her own likings and disliking when it comes to purchasing a new mobile so there is no final answer on which mobile is the best mobile. However, in this article I will help you find the best mobile which you are looking for. Also I will keep this article less technical for your better understanding.

Generally speaking, purchasing a new smart phone has become a tricky task because of hundreds of mobiles available in the market. This is actually a good thing because you can chose the best mobile from a wide range of mobiles.  If you are an Iphone or Blackberry fan then the task becomes easier but please be sure if you really need an Iphone or a Blackberry. However, if you consider purchasing an Android or Windows based phones then you have a variety of options to consider before you conclude the final model.

To make this task easy, I recommend visiting where you can easily filter down the huge database of mobiles to a small number and then you can compare these mobile with each other to conclude which mobile is best for you. The filtering process is easy to use and can be completed in a minute. The Filtering Tool consequently brings you very less number of mobiles which fulfill your requirements. The filtering is done based on your choice of selecting the screen size, front/back cameras specifications, processor (CPU) speed (CPU), memory size, RAM/ROM, , Operating system, GPS, wifi (WLAN) etc. Once you are left with 2-5 options you can use the phone comparison feature to select the master piece you are looking for.

This is how the Phone Finder looks like:

Below are some key questions you might have while selecing your mobile:

Which Operating System:
The most common now a days is Android as it gives hundreds of thousands of free applications and games to download and enjoy however few applications might be vulnerable. On the other hand, iOS has less number of applications but more secure compared to Android. If you are curious to know more about Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows then visit this page

Which Camera:
If you are not too techy and want to capture the pictures for Facebook or personal home usage then  5Mega pixel is sufficient for you. If the Camera has Flash then it is an add-on.

Which Processor:
I suggest considering 1GHz processor minimum at the time of this article. Less than this may result in slow response time in using your mobile

What Memory Size:
If you are looking for good response time, consider 512MB minimum for RAM. For storage consider 8GB to 16GB since you would like to keep a lot of pictures and multimedia in your mobile.

I have tried to keep this article simple and easy to understand in order to buy the best mobile phone. If you would like to discuss any in-depth features or if you have a high-end technical query, please reach me here and I shall try to help as early as possible.