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Story - My Limited Thoughts

By Junaid Tahir I have recently moved from Dubai to Abu Dhabi  due to change in job. My apartment is near to the beach w...

By Junaid Tahir

I have recently moved from Dubai to Abu Dhabi  due to change in job. My apartment is near to the beach which is great for summer season but worst now a days because extremely cold wind flows in winters specially in the evening and night time. My car parking is around 200 meters from the beach and the apartment is around 300 meters further away from the parking.

Yesterday, I left office after 12 hours of tiring work; parked my car and walked briskly towards my apartment building in cold breeze so as to sleep as soon as possible. After quick dinner, I jumped into the bed and cover myself with blanket. I took my mobile to set the alarm for the morning. I noticed that the mobile battery is running out of charge whereas I left my laptop bag and charger inside the car. Being tired, I started cursing myself on how could I forget to keep the charger with me. I whispered to God in a complaining way on why He wants me to go out to the beach with my tiring body and mind in this much cold time of night. Anyways, I reached my car with half-slept-brain with continuous complaining thoughts. While I was taking the mobile charger,  I noticed that I forgot to place the car parking ticket on the dashboard. The ticket violation is 200AED to 400 AED (up to 11000 PKR or 6800  INR). So I went to parking machine immediately, bought the ticket and placed on the dashboard and felt good that I saved myself from being charged by Police.

Now I realized that why God wanted me to come back to the car. He exchanged my little discomfort with assurance of complying with the Traffic and Parking laws and saving my money. In this ten minutes situation I refreshed my knowledge that God plans everything with His great wisdom which sometimes is beyond our comprehension level. He is the Creator and we are His creation so there is no match at all between His master plans and our plans which we make with our little brains. While we may not fathom the wisdom behind His moves, we need to develop and strengthen the spiritual belief that whatever happens in our lives certainly has a reason behind it. We need understand the fact that God takes us in deep waters not to drown us but to cleanse us. The more stronger the belief we possess the higher the level of peace and contentment we attain in our lives

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And by the way, it is unhealthy to sleep right after taking your dinner which I was going to do too J

Junaid Tahir, a Telecom Engineer,  a Program Manager and a Blogger, writes articles on wisdom, happiness and stress management at his personal blog. His personal Google Group can be joined here. He is reachable at for all kinds of constructive feedback.