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Story: Small Deeds Huge Impact

By Junid Tahir Brother Bilal is a scientist and works for a prestigious organization. While driving, we were doing general ch...

By Junid Tahir

Brother Bilal is a scientist and works for a prestigious organization. While driving, we were doing general chit-chat when he mentioned that his office provides him adequate amount of stationary for work however he has bought a separate pen and writing pad for his personal usage. He uses this pen/page when he wants to write something related to his personal tasks/needs. I heard his statement but didn’t give much attention.

After some time we stopped at a Petrol pump asking the fuel guy to fill the petrol. The bill was 37 AED. Bilal handed over 40 AED to the fuel boy and expected 3 AED in return, whereas the service boy returned 2 AED and moved on to the next car as if he didn’t do anything wrong.

Bilal said, “Junaid, did you notice that he did corruption of 1 AED?. I heard it but didn’t give much attention. Then Bilal said, can you imagine if each service boy in the city does this level of corruption, how much corruption are we talking about?”

Now, this time Bilal triggered the “analysis button” of my brain. I transformed both situations (stationary & petrol) to the city level. What I already knew that People like Bilal are few in millions and people like Service Boy (including businessmen, doctors, engineers, officers) are in millions. I imagined 5 million people living in a city and each person performing 1 AED corruption on average on daily basis then the amount of city-level corruption would be 5 million AED on DAILY basis !!!

Everyone wishes to improve the system but nobody really strives to start from oneself. Everyone makes huge speeches against corruption but does not really perform a self-audit on how much honest he/she is !!!  While Government’s job is to ensure that right systems and polices are set in place and all wrong doers are to be brought into the court of justice; our Lord has provided us with a "built-in court" for self-audit. This court is called “Conscience”.  Our conscience is a great tool as it generates positive and negative signals for the actions we perform. And if our conscience is not giving alarms for our bad deeds then something is seriously wrong in the roots of our faith so we must return back to Lord's teaching to restore our faith level. Considering the fact that a clean and active conscience is the best pillow we may have; we must empower our conscience by more positive acts.

About Author:
Junaid Tahir, a Telecom Engineer,  a Program Manager and a Blogger, writes articles on self improvement, stress management and Leadership at his personal blog. His personal Google Group can be joined here. He is reachable at for all kinds of constructive feedback.