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4 Symptoms that Your Body has Toxic Overload.

​ Human body stores toxins every day. Toxins can come from food, even from air, and there are so much of them in the body because of t...

Human body stores toxins every day. Toxins can come from food, even from air, and there are so much of them in the body because of the irregular diet and insufficient physical activities toxins cannot be eliminated.

If you want to know in what condition your body is, you have to understand the signs your body sends. Maybe you don't pay attention to those signs and don't take them as a warning.
These are the four most common signs that your body is full with toxins you must get rid of immediately.

1. Physiological needs
The more often you go to the toilet, the more toxins in your body! However, this should not scare you because it is the way toxins get out of your system. Otherwise, they will get back in the blood stream and can make huge problems. If you have problems going to the toilet, try drinking more water, tea and certain probiotics.

2. Bad breath
Bad breath can be a sigh of toxic overload in your body. It can be caused by bacteria, but also can be a sign that your liver and intestines have problem with eliminating the toxins. Use tongue cleaner to eliminate the bacteria on your tongue and consume parsley and coriander because they are great for liver detox.

3. Strong reaction to smells
Strong reactions to smells like a perfume or a smoke may be caused by the toxins in the body. If the liver has problem with removing the toxins out of the body, we can become very sensitive to smells. Help the liver with milk thistle and dandelion oil.

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4. Can't get rid of extra pounds
There are many reasons for not losing extra weight. Hormone imbalance, poor diet, and of course, toxins. When the body is overloaded with toxins, it may be impossible to get rid of the extra pounds.

Our Solutions

It is really important to make sure our body eliminates the toxins properly. It means better natural ability of the body to do so and finding a balance. Some sort of cleansing or detoxification may help, but also, smaller amount of toxins is really important.
Consume dandelion tea, parsley, cilantro, and milk thistle which will support your liver and help in the cleansing process.
Practice deep breathing — we get rid of a lot of the toxins in our bodies through our lungs.
Choose clean organic food, work up a good sweat, go more often to the toilet and hydrate your organism.
Work your way up to healthy, toxin-free life!


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