Many of us are taught, from an early age, to strive mainly for big dreams and to seek out equally large successes. We find inspiration in those who have overcome the greatest odds and those who have built the largest empires. But seldom do we look to our own lives for examples of victories, forgetting that any accomplishment deserves a moment of triumph. Life's little victories encompass both the moments that make you give an inner shout of joy and simple things like a job well done, finishing a daunting task, or making it through a less-than-pleasant situation.

Little victories can keep you optimistic about the big victories and help you retain a positive attitude, even when things are going wrong,
because the small successes will stick with you if you take time to honor them. Look carefully, you will no doubt find little victories occurring throughout your day. Did you keep your cool in a tense situation? Resist the urge to spend unwisely? Find time to spend with your family? Pat yourself on the back when you notice a small success and make a mental note of it. Or write down a few things each day that can be considered little victories. Make your accounts detailed by outlining exactly what caused you to feel triumphant.

When we choose not to acknowledge life's little victories, deeming them insignificant, it is easy to become frustrated. Instead of staking your happiness on getting a promotion, buying a new car, or being the winner, stake it on your ability to conquer the ups, downs, and responsibilities inherent in living. In doing so, you will find yourself able to avoid being caught up in negative feelings by keeping one eye toward your next triumph.


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