God created man to work.Work is man's greatest duty. Man is nothing. He can do nothing. Achieving nothing; fulfilling; nothing without working. Work is man's most dependable function.

If you are poor - Work.
If you are rich - Work.
If failures discourage you - Work.
If success encourage you - Work.

You have been burdened with unfair responsibilities - Work.
You have been entrusted with deserving responsibilities - Work.
You have not been paid fairly - Work.
You have been paid handsomely - Work.

When dreams are shattered - Work.
When faith falter - Work.
When future appears bleak - Work.
When hope seems dead - Work.

Work is the greatest stress - buster.
Work is the mightiest morale - booster.
Work is a best boredom - beater.
Work is the equally effective disease - fighter.

If you neglect your work, You invite worry, fear, doubt & debt.
Work is the greatest for all the problems.

So work, work, work. And work sincerely.

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