When one tells a lie or bluffs, one actually is repudiating oneself—it is the boycott of or non recognition of, the existence of the self.

The self boycott creates the habit of self disrespect, because each lie needs hundred supporting lies to see that the lie is not found out. It creates the habit of telling lies, ultimately not caring whether the lies are believed or not, one adjusts to being really disrespected as an extension of the self disrespect. The person will suffer from a gigantic internal civil war; the higher stage of consciousness gets sabotaged, by repressions at the lower levels of consciousness. This divorce to the self is the hallmark of a society which functions as a black money economy.

Quotation from Ken Wilber's book 'A Brief History of Everything' page 140:
"Yes, I think so. If the self represses or dissociates aspects of itself, it will have less potential left for further evolution and development. And sooner or later, this will drag development to a halt."
"...its awareness is stuck at a moral stage 1, stuck in this unconscious blob residing in the basement and using awareness in an attempt to get the entire organism to act according to its archaic wishes and impulses and interpretations."

Every lie is a little blob, these tiny emotional bacteria, infect and spoil every relationship---the corroded person trying to appear as a person in the society, a very taxing task.

"So you have these little barbarians running around in the basement, impulsively demanding to be fed, to be catered to, to be the center of the universe and they get very nasty if they are not fed. They scream and yell and bite and claw, and since you don't even consciously know they are there, you interpret this interior commotion as depression, obsession, anxiety or any number of neurotic symptoms that are completely baffling."

The blobs of crystallized negativism, consume the vital moral energy, exhausting completely the day today physical energy. All human relations become a series of escape episodes, the emotional diabetes that solidifies into the basic disability to relate.

If you don't befriend Freud, it will be harder to get to Lord. You cannot reach the ultimate deep psychology; you are stuck at the shallow psychology, real spirit drained the concepts of meanings, purposes, outlooks...all becoming nothing...the cost of lies is abyss itself.

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