Imagine what you could do in your life, - for yourself - your family - for other people. How could you master your relationship with money?

There are many people that are financially wealthy. They have lots of money but they live in fear of losing it. You probably know some people like that. Inspite of having sufficient money they seems to be not enjoying fully.

Once I understood how money is really created and how it flows into and out of our lives, I never feared losing it. I learned how to develop a trust in the "flow". If I lost the wealth I have right now, it would bother me certainly I may be in depression. I would probably be upset for a few days, but I know with certainty I could create it again and I can have stable life. To me this confidence is real freedom.

This freedom that comes from knowing you will never be without the flow of money into your life is more valuable than having wealth alone, because it is something that cannot be taken away.

When you have this freedom you do not have to live in fear of what is going to happen. You will have a sense of certainty about your future. This is what most people require. This is what everybody should develop to continue to have good productive life.

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