I have just got a beautiful compliment today. I was at the chemist collecting my daughter's medication. She had also asked me to go to the shop next door to get some energy drinks for her, as she was about to travel on a train and she tires easily.The shop did not have what she wanted so I went to the shop near my home.As I came out of the shop I could see Margaret, my neighbour Julie's mother, across the road. I thought to myself that she has just got off the bus and is on her way to her daughter's house which is next to mine. May be I can give her a lift to her daughter's house.Then I noticed from across the busy road, that the elderly lady who I thought was Margaret was going in a different direction, down a different side street.

I was surprised because I was really sure it was Margaret. In fact, I was so sure that I took the trouble to drive across the busy road to go to Margaret. By the time I caught up with the elderly lady, she was at the bottom of a cul de sac and looked confused as she didn't recognise where she was. It was indeed Margaret.

Though I have spoken to her before and given her a lift, she needed to be reminded of who I was. Margaret got in my car.Then she gave me a big hug and said,`You must be close to God'.Wow! Margaret is very Christian and couldn't believe that the instant she realised she was lost and confused, I was there.We arrived at her daughter's house; the lights were out and it seemed Julie was not in yet. I told Margaret to go and check and that I had to take my daughter to the train station meanwhile. If Julie wasn't at home I would bring Margaret back to her own house in a bit.You would have thought I had given her a fortune.As I went to my house to pick up my daughter to leave her at the train station, I saw Julie with Margaret.

Margaret thinks I was kind to her today.Truth though is that her words will stay with me for a long time. I'm happy too that the first shop I went to didn't have what my daughter wanted, otherwise I would have never got this beautiful compliment, or been able to help Margaret.


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