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Top Burger Joints in Melbourne

The sumptuousness of the burger will forever remain timeless, even as evolution gives birth to new cuisines in the food industry....

The sumptuousness of the burger will forever remain timeless, even as evolution gives birth to new cuisines in the food industry. This traditional delicacy will always have a place in our tummies. Not only is it mouthwatering, but also reinvigorating.
If you want to order burgers in Melbourne, there are certain spots that you should prioritize. This is because, over the years, their impressive quality has earned the reputation. These are:
1.      Royal Stacks
This outlet borrows heavily from the US-based burger chain, Shake Shack. The beef used in the cooking of the burgers is strictly from grass-fed and organically bred cows. Furthermore, the meat products are entirely local.
The flagship burger, christened The King, is something to behold. The delectable cheese seasoning coupled up with American mustard will leave consumers licking their fingers and craving for more.
2.      1090 Burger
The name is a portmanteau of 10 and 90, representing the percentages of fat and meat components respectively. The joint uses a unique nine-ingredient recipe that gives the burger a distinctively rich taste. The best of the lot in this hotel is the Thunder burger, which incorporates cheese, ketchup and vinegar in different portions, leaving an unforgettable experience in the consumer’s mouth.
3.      Butcher’s Diner
This is among the few 24-hour burger outlets in Melbourne. Here, burgers are made with superb expertise, featuring iceberg lettuces, freshly-cut onions and tomato sauce. As opposed to conventional restaurants, this outlet frequently changes its menu, ensuring that clients never get bored of a certain taste.
4.      Hats and Tatts
Located in southern parts of the city, this eatery has gained considerable traction in recent years. This is partly because the customer can spice up their chosen meal with flavours of their choice. Also, the all-natural approach has contributed to the increasing popularity of this bistro.  Fancy cheese and other artificial seasonings are simply a no-go in this place.
5.      Changz Canteen
After the unprecedented success of the Changz Hot Sauce, its creators decided to venture into the burger business. The prosperity continued, with the joint showcasing that its prowess in the food industry is not limited to manufacturing spices. The meals here are faithful to their own, replacing tomatoes and lettuces with their homegrown sauce.
6.      Andrew’s Burgers
 Eating food from this cafĂ© is like taking a trip down the memory. This joint adopts a traditional theme in its cooking, where canned pineapples and beetroot, as well as chopped onions, provide seasoning. If you want to relive the past, this is definitely the go-to place.
7.       Meet Patty
While still relatively new to the game, Meet patty has taken the burger industry in Melbourne by storm. The eatery started out as a breakfast joint but has since grown into a household name. The buns are seasoned with sesame seeds, giving them a sweet taste. The burgers are adorned with a myriad of condiments, negating the necessity of the user adding more spices.

When it comes to eateries, the city of Melbourne has an abundant supply of world-class outlets. Visitors and locals are assured of finding a suitable spot offering lip-smacking meals.
Picture Credit: Pixabay