What is Positive Thinking?

Have you had a day that started with the alarm not going
off. You think, "Oh, no, not one of those days." You can't
figure out what to wear. When you finally do, you spill coffee
on your only clean white shirt. You forget your lunch on
the way to work. You wish you could start the day over.

Or could you wake up from the alarm going off and think to
yourself, "Oh, that was so nice to get a little extra sleep. I
guess I'll skip the shower because I certainly can't skip my
coffee." Don't rush. Take some deep breaths and begin your day.

I know which day I'd like to start.

The old expression is your glass 1/2 full or
1/2 empty is used a lot because it is so true.
Do you embrace life? Do you anticipate
happiness and successful outcomes? Or do
you find yourself expecting the worst and
then not being surprised when it happens?

If you believe that what the mind thinks is often what happens,
then you should replace your negative thinking habits
with positive thoughts. Here's some things that positive
people have in common:

• Positive Thinkers find opportunity in adversity.
• Positive thinkers are optimists.
• Positive Thinkers surrounds themselves with other positive thinkers.
• Positive Thinkers are confident.
• Positive Thinkers create their own futures.
• Positive Thinkers change negative problems into positive opportunities.
• Positive Thinkers try to see two sides to every story.
• Positive Thinkers expect good things to come their way.

Each generation rediscovers positive thought. I am amazed
When I read all the many quotes of positive thought from
centuries ago. It reminds us that the human experience is
one of self discovery and it's been happening since the
beginning of time.

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