A young Handsome Man came to a Sage in a forest.
He approached him asking:
Who am I, O, Respectful Sage?

Sage said : It all depends on the View Point.

For your Mother and Father, you are their beloved Son;
For the Dealer you are just another source of money;
For the Lion you are tasty Meat;
For the young Girls you are Handsome young Man to marry,
For the other Young Men you are Competition;
For the Ants you are Enemy;
For your Pets you are his/hers Best Friend;
For the Nothingness you are Nothing;
For Yourself you are the Most Precious Person;
For your Wife you are the Beloved Husband;
For the Earth-Worms you are Future Meal;
For the Parasites you are home and source of Food;
For your Business Partner you are Co-Operator;
For the Universe you are insignificant Particle,
For the Most people you are Ordinary Person;
For me, The Sage, my Dear Boy, You are my own Self..

For The Almighty, You are Like All Other Magnificent Creations Of His, Equal and Same.

So you have to put yourself in to several perspectives on how best you can serve in each of the above mentioned domains and let people know Who You Are.

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