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  1. An engineer can measure height of flag pole without pulling it out of the ground

  2. That was taken to be as a humour thing only :)

    Yes understood an engineer can apply second law of Newton and measure the height with time and gravity calculation but it won't be accurate if some stone is thrown in air and time is measured based on stone's travel until the pole peak and hitting back ground.

    Let us Smile and move on :)

  3. It is a very simple for Civil engineer to calculate height of pole using simple rule of trigonometry. Someone can use total station. just take base distance, measure angel and calculate height of triangle i.e pole (I enjoyed humor, it depicts management behavior and experience proved it. Even experienced engineers in management positions behave in similar fashion, just replied for fun. do not take it serious brother)

  4. Oh great !
    I didn't think that way...and I loved the way you elaborated it :)