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10 Situations Where You Could Avoid Being Judgmental

  By Junaid Tahir This is more or less part of DNA that we react to situations instantly without giving a second thought. At...

This is more or less part of DNA that we react to situations instantly without giving a second thought. At times, this is perfectly a normal phenomenon and the impact of our reactions is acceptable as long as it based on positive and realistic judgement. However, it is usually seen, that our reactions slash someone's emotions or causing psychological disturbance, especially if the person is sensitive. Here are some situations:

1.      The Taxi drive might be an MBA. Don't underestimate his education level. He might have a reason to drive taxi.
2.      The boy who mistakenly hit you in crowd might have leg surgery a week back. Don't misjudge his character.
3.      The senior you made fun of because of the scars on his face might have fought for the country. Don't feel irritated because of his outlook.
4.      The boy you made fun of because of crying, his mother might have died. Don't think that a male cannot cry.
5.      The person who was issued a police ticket for parking in disabled parking area might actually have a disabled son/daughter. Don't conclude things quickly.
6.      A not-so-tall person might have much higher ethics. Don't conclude things based on physical outlook.
7.      A poor man may have cleaner heart than you. Don't have a discriminated feelings as he may be more closer to the Lord because of his deeds.
8.      The rich person might have earned his wealth without any corruption. Don't put bad labels on successful people without knowing them very closely.
9.      A rude person in market may have lost his car in an accident. Don't react based on an instant observation. Find out the real story or stay calm.
10.   The fat person might be starving today. Don't Laugh on his obesity. Probably he is obese because of his genetics.

Good and bad reactions create strong ripples. Whatever you say or do is observed, absorbed and repeated by the people around you which in turns gets expanded in the society. Be mindful on what you say to others or what you share on social media or what you do in public. Each of your action is transforming the society in a good or bad way. So don't be judgmental and don't be reactive; it is not what we say, it is how we say.
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