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​8 Reasons Not To Worry If Life Isn't Going As Planned!

I'm a big fan of planning things out meticulously and trying to have everything under control at all times. However more often than no...

I'm a big fan of planning things out meticulously and trying to have everything under control at all times. However more often than not our plans fail us because no matter how hard we try we cannot predict the outcome of our actions.

But I have learned one thing over a period of time and that is there's no need to worry, here's why.

1. No one else's life is going according to plan either
It really helps to know that you are not alone in your struggles. Everyday there are other people going through the same thing as you and there are people who've gone through it before you too. They have all managed to come out stronger from their troubles and so will you.

2. There are better things in store for you than the things you've planned
Often times the things we plan aren't that great to begin with and life might have better things in store for us. The reason for this might be because we might have miscalculated a certain outcome or were unaware about certain factors. So if the plan was bad to begin with, then it's a good thing it failed.

3. Just because things didn't go as expected doesn't mean you have to accept defeat
Getting caught off guard doesn't mean you need to give up, it simply means you need to re-evaluate your options. You can alter your course of action or take up contingency measures to get your desired results.

4. Every obstacle and hurdle placed in your way gives rise to new opportunities
Think of every problem as an opportunity to do better. Once you have successfully handled one problem, you will be confident of handling anything life throws at you. You will understand your strengths and weaknesses and can use them to your advantage.

5. There is no point in stressing about things that you have no control over
If you cannot control something why waste your time over it? Yes, this might sound easier said than done but don't focus on the problem unless you can fix it. Understanding that certain things are out of your control will help you maintain an emotional balance.

6. Failure is just an opportunity to start afresh all over again
If you fail it doesn't mean you should give up. All it means is that you should need to start fresh and do better this time around. You can learn from all the mistakes you made the first time and ensure that you do not repeat them.

7. If life were to always go according to plan it wouldn't ever be any fun!
Being surprised at every turn is what keeps life exciting. If everything always went according to plan, the monotony of it all would bore you to death! So things not going to according to plan is actually bitter sweet.

8. It is the tough moments in life that shape our personality and define who we really are
You don't know what you're made of until you've been truly tested and you've managed to overcome hurdles that you never thought you could. The decisions you make in the face of adversity define what sort of a person you are and your mettle.