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Welcome the Unexpected

Just when "I" thought that "I" control "my" life, that "I" have choices and my destiny is ...

Just when "I" thought that "I" control "my" life, that "I" have choices and my destiny is "my own" choosing, something unexpected, out of the blue comes out…
Then "I" may think: "There are some things out of "my" control."

Without beliefs, this becomes an ongoing process of realizations in Life, a process of assimilation of different experiences which all of the sudden, in an unexpected fashion; that "I" will decide to finally look into itself and perhaps inquire into its existence and then into its lack of existence.
That could be labeled as self-realization.
What are some of the distractors preventing us into looking into that "I"?
Beliefs, emotions, moral standards.
To uncover our beliefs is to free our minds.
To uncover our emotions is to clean our hearts.
When the influence of those 2 is minimized through observation; then moral standards as "good and bad" automatically lose their grip. We are ready to be free from "ourselves."
The above is my own journey. It is not something to be found in a book.
Yours, may be different.
When those voices aren't there, it is a world of appreciation and wonder.
What is the "method" to get rid of those voices, you may ask?
To do nothing. :-)
Observe them, appreciate them, laugh through their performance. It is "You" after all.
There is nothing serious about observation. There is nothing "to do."
The unexpected things:
Unexpectedly, I dropped my "i-phone" into my bathtub last night, just to the test the "waterproof" capabilities of that wonderful device… We shall see if it survives… Unexpectedly, my sister is coming to visit me this weekend, so I will be out of touch for a week since I will be enjoying her visit.
Got to love the unexpected!