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Living Life Authentically!

Living life authentically is so important to being happy and content with who you are. You have the opportunity in life to create a path tha...

Living life authentically is so important to being happy and content with who you are. You have the opportunity in life to create a path that is true to yourself and your visions and values. There are ten steps to be an authentic life.

Be true to yourself - Liberate yourself from the internal generated pressure

Evaluate Change - justify and rationalize your current behavior. we want to gain, in the current state. Choose your personal values and goals – and create a foundation for happiness and effectiveness. This require thinking about these goals and could mean realigning your life to be
in a career

Honor yourself for your strengths and weakness alike that is who you are - aware of these and appreciating ourselves.

If you love, honor and tolerate yourself, you will be more tolerant of others. You will be able to handle stress easier and will be able to resolve problems better.

Seek Progress, Not Perfection - How you conduct yourself on the journey of life is truly your decision. It defined by your success and also by your failures. Learn from them and move towards your goals. Realize that you are not perfect.

We can learn from what went wrong, move on and prevent it from happening again. looking for solutions for preventing this in the future.

The important part about mistakes and failures is that we need to look, learn and then move one and forgive ourselves for not being perfect.

None us know what will happen to us tomorrow so it is important to live every day in a life that reflects our values and visions. Living life in your terms can create an environment that makes life a wonderful to be.

Be Open to Spontaneity and unforeseen opportunity – Trying to control every aspect of your life can get exhausting. Spontaneity can give you a great sense of freedom and joy. If your plans are too rigid it can create unnecessary pressures and stress.

It's important to have unstructured time and preserve some freedoms in your life. Uncertainty may feel uncomfortable but can be the gateway to growth and development.

 Have a Support System - Creating a circle of people that accept you and love you for who you are is important to growth. Coaching can help to keep you on track to realize your goals and aspirations.

It is important to take responsibility for yourself. Make deliberate choices, act on the basis of judgment rather than habit or assumption.

The choice is yours to live your life. Live according to what will create the environment for happiness for us as individuals. The choice is yours.