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8 Compliments to Share with Your Partner!

A relationship is made up of many factors that affect it for the better and for the worse, and sometimes it’s the small things that can aff...

A relationship is made up of many factors that affect it for the better and for the worse, and sometimes it’s the small things that can affect the dynamics with our partners. Big gestures may turn events birthdays and marriages into an unforgettable memory, but sometimes all that is needed to express love for our partners and improve their mood is a good compliment.

The following 8 compliments don’t require any special effort, but their impact on your partner will be enormous and can benefit your relationship in a way that large gestures never could. Start memorizing these simple words, and you’ll be able to see their power and influence on you and your partner.

1. "You did a good job"

Compliments about our looks are always nice, but being complimented on something we've been able to do is a lot more meaningful for many of us. The recognition of the people we spend our lives with is much more important to us than compliments from random or unrelated people, so it is important that you know how to share a good word to your spouse when they doing something well.
If, for example, your partner got through a challenging project at work, mention it to them by saying that they’ve done a good job. Not only will this bring a smile to their face, it will also make them feel valuable and that their achievements aren’t being ignored by people that matter most to them.

2. "You make me smile"

Every veteran couple who experience ups and downs will tell you that a healthy sense of humor is one of the pillars of relationships that allows you to get through difficult times and maintain a healthy attitude to life. So that you can communicate with your partners in a healthy way and give them a compliment that will do them good on the heart, tell them occasionally that they are funny, even if it isn’t always true... This simple compliment will help to maintain a light attitude in the relationship and will make your partner feel good, ultimately allowing you to gain twofold.

3. "You are an amazing parent"

Raising children is one of the most challenging things we go through in our lives, and we often have doubts about how well we’re doing at it. Parenting doesn’t come easily to anyone and most parents strive to do the best they can for their children and their partners, so it's important for everyone to hear that his or her investment is paying off and that they are a good parent. In times of doubt and security, tell your partner that they are good parents to your children, and give them the feeling that they are doing well at the most challenging job in the world despite the difficulty involved.

4. "You are good-hearted"

When we do small acts of kindness, it makes us feel good, and beyond that, we also want to know that these good deeds are noticed. There is no better person for this task than the partner we chose. It’s always nice to be appreciated by them on a variety of levels.
So that your partners know that you appreciate them not only for what they do for you, but also for others, praise them for their good heart and generosity, and see the bashful smile that will come over them. This little reminder will allow your partner to continue on their positive path and encourage them to do good with a feeling in their hearts that their actions are meaningful to them and to others.

5. "You are special to me"

We often enter into relationships with people we are not only attracted to but also see in them a uniqueness that makes us want to know them in depth and be close to their special presence. It’s important that you not only remind yourself of this fact but also your partner who will love to hear that there is someone in the world who thinks they are more special and important to you than any other person. Compliment your partner on this every once in a while, and prove to them that there is a person who notices things they don’t see themselves and doesn’t forget or ignore these things.

6. "You're so beautiful to me"

Compliments about our partner’s appearance may sound trite, but it is also important to share them because we all tend to lose confidence sometimes. Compliments about our appearance help us regain our self-confidence, and when they come from our partners, they also make us feel attractive to the people we love and appreciate, and here lies their strength. Share this little compliment not only when your partner is all dressed up, but also in the moments when it’s just the two of you and you want to make them feel beautiful.

7. "I feel at peace with you"

Many of us seek the peace and quiet that comes when we are with a person who suits us, and many find it. Although sometimes we argue with our spouses, at the end of the day, these are the people we choose to be with despite the stormy moments and because of the quiet ones. Sometimes we need to make this clear to our partners so they know that they provide us with the "sense of home" we are all looking for, and make us feel peaceful and safe just by being with them.

8. "Thank you"

In relationships, especially those that are long-term, there is a tendency to get into a routine in certain areas and take our partners and what they do for us for granted. In such cases, our partners may feel that they are not as appreciated as they deserve to be, which is an opening to negative and unpleasant feelings.

"Thank you" is a simple word that can eliminate this feeling in one breath, and it is so easy to say that there is no reason not to share it with the people you love and spend your life with. In the small and big things they do for you, tell your partner "thank you" often and with real intention, and make it clear that you don’t take them for granted, but rather appreciate who and what they are.