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Meeting Rita at Dubai Airport

By Junaid Tahir Rita got highest marks in Engineering University admission test and qualified for admission in Electrical Engineering, ...

By Junaid Tahir

Rita got highest marks in Engineering University admission test and qualified for admission in Electrical Engineering, the most in-demand engineering category. However due to her natural inspiration towards architecture, Rita took admission in Architectural Engineering. In the very first year she topped in the whole batch and everyone was happy for her !

Later, all of a sudden, she stopped coming to university and then we heard she has decided to opt out from university. I, being a closer friend, found out via her mother that she is highly depressed due to getting 2 marks (out of 10) in one of the monthly ‘vivas’ (verbal exams). For me it was a normal thing in university since such mishaps happen once in your study tenure, regardless of how genius you are. Whereas for Rita, it was a matter of extreme shock and tension.
She cut herself of from all social relations and limited herself to her room only. We decided to take her to one of the known inspirational leaders, Ashfaq Sb. Ashfaq Sb said he wants to speak to her in private. We left them in the room. Within 5 minutes she came out of room and informed us that she is fine now and wont opt out from engineering. Upon our inquiry she shared her dialogues with Ashfaq Sb:

“How many marks you were expecting?”
“10 marks”
“How many you got?”
“2 marks”
“How many were cut?”
“Don’t worry my daughter, God has cut these 8 marks but pasted somewhere else in your life. You will find out in your life later”

According to Rita, Ashfaq Sb’s statement gave her massive relief. After that Rita joined back and all of us graduated.

After some years while travelling abroad I met Rita on Dubai airport. She was surrounded by a perfect family and was in a very delightful mood.

We refreshed some old memories and at a certain moment, with tears of joy in her eyes, she said to me,

"Do you remember, Ashfaq Sb told me that God has cut and pasted 8 marks somewhere? Well, the fact is that God has cut once but pasted at many instance of my life. The awesome life, the loving husband, beautiful kids, and many other countless blessings and luxuries have made me believe that God has returned me those 8 marks multiple folds and He paid me back all of the hard work I did during my study.

This even portrays the fact that your efforts never gets wasted. God is All KNOWING. Sometimes he cuts His blessings for short span of time but He returns your reward multiple folds in other formats of blessing. Even if you may not fathom the wisdom behind His moves, develop deep faith in Him because you do not know what He knows. Never lose hope. Keep your spirits high because God Loves You !!!

story inspiration from Qasim Ali Shah
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