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Relationship Tip: Setting Clear Boundries

​ ​ What are boundaries? Boundaries help to create healthy relationships. Think of them as a psychological fence b...

What are boundaries?

Boundaries help to create healthy relationships. Think of them as a psychological fence between people: this is you, and this is me. We are separate. Our boundaries help to establish guidelines about suitable behavior and responsibilities. Boundaries build "win-win" relationships. I can be good to both you and me through healthy boundaries. If I close the door when I enter the bathroom, I am establishing a physical and psychological boundary: Closing or locking the door means I want to be alone when I'm in the bathroom.

Boundaries are essential if your loved one is a smoker or addict. As you claim your power with boundaries, you raise the likelihood that your loved one gets better. Boundary setting is absolutely essential when you're dealing with addiction, particularly teenage drug abuse.

Who needs boundaries?

Everyone needs to have healthy boundaries in relationships. There are three types of people who particularly need boundaries.
1.    DOORMATS~Some people have been raised to believe that martyrdom, self-denial and incessant caretaking are righteous virtues to be practiced to the point of misery. When people are doormats, they allow others to take advantage of them.
2.   ENABLERS~Then there are parents who want to make sure their children have everything they didn't get, and they protected them from every problem and emotion. It's the other side of the coin and it's just as bad. These people create a sense of over-entitlement, over-protection and inflated self esteem in their children.
3.    PLEASERS~ Some people focus so much on pleasing others that they don't focus on taking care of themselves. They avoid conflict, and have no sense of who they are, what they feel, need, want, or think. They take on the feelings of others as if they are their own. Sometimes they tolerate abuse or disrespectful treatment and can't see the flaws or weaknesses in others.

Why have boundaries?

·    Boundaries are important to help protect and care for oneself. If you're not getting the respect that you deserve, take a look at your boundaries.
·    Boundaries are also an important part of raising children. You can't be a good parent without good boundaries. Not only do you value yourself as you establish boundaries, you're teaching your children to value themselves.
·    Boundaries help you to define yourself. Without boundaries, you won't know who you are, what you want, or how you feel.
·    Boundaries help to minimize stress and conflict in a relationship. With clear boundaries, there's nothing to argue about.

Telltale signs that you need better boundaries

·    You're constantly telling him what to do.
·    You're warning him about what will happen if he doesn't do it.
·    You're bringing up the past of what he did wrong.
·    You're giving him solutions when he hasn't asked for them.
·    You're preaching about what people should and shouldn't do.
·    You're criticizing.
·    You're mind-reading.
·    You're sending guilt trips.

How Do You Set Healthy Boundaries?

Setting healthy boundaries involves taking care of yourself and knowing what you like, need, want, and don't want. It also involves (1) going inside of yourself to figure out what you feel and then (2) clearly communicating that with the other person.

Examples of clear boundaries:

1.    "Yes, I'll be happy to drive you to the mall as soon as you're finished with your chores."
2.    "I want to hear about your day. I'll be free to give you my full attention in 15 minutes."
3.    "You can borrow my CDs just as soon as you replace the one that you damaged."
4.    "If you put your dirty clothes in the hamper by 9:00 Saturday morning, I'll be happy to wash them for you."
5.    "Can I give Jessica a message? Our calling hours are from 9:00 a.m. until 9:00 p.m. I'll let her know that you called."
6.    "I'm sorry; that doesn't work for me.  I won't be loaning you money until you have paid me what I loaned you previously."
7.    "You're welcome to live here while you're going to college as long as you follow our rules."
8.    "I'm not willing to argue with you."
9.    "I'll be happy to talk with you when your voice is as calm as mine."
10.    "I love you and I'm not willing to call in sick for you when you've been drinking."

Get help.

Boundaries need to be clear, specific, and clearly communicated. You may need to think about what you want to say and how you want to say it before doing so. For more information, please visit our company website here resolutionsutah & tgcoy
Practice with someone else who can help you. Good luck!

harmony, softness and deep understanding is required for strong and lovely relationship. The boundaries mentioned in the above article are for mature couples only. if they are not mature, they would take such rules as ownership and ruin everything... so if they don't understand the concept, they should better stay away from such recommendations.
regards ​
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