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34 Good Deeds to Show Someone You Care!

Helping others and showing empathy is basic human nature. Doing an act of kindness feels wonderful for both the person doing it and ...

Helping others and showing empathy is basic human nature. Doing an act of kindness feels wonderful for both the person doing it and the person on the receiving end. Even a small gesture can show a person that they are valued and appreciated. If you want to do good more often, the following list will provide you with plenty of simple, yet very effective ideas on how to make a positive change to the lives of people around you.

1. Introduce two people you think would make great friends.

2. Donate some warm clothes to a homeless shelter.

3. Offer to do the shopping for a neighbor or friend who is sick or has reduced mobility.

4. Offer to help a friend or neighbor move/unpack.

5. Help out a stressed parent by offering to babysit for them. 

6. Surprise your partner by doing a chore that they usually do which they know you don't like doing.

7. Tell a friend who has been trying to lose weight that they look fantastic.

8. Have you seen a well-behaved child in public? Tell their parents what a lovely child they have.

9. Make an effort to work on a flaw that you know has been bothering your partner.

10. Send an actual thank you note after receiving a gift from somebody.

11. Keep the elevator door open for someone who hasn't quite made it in time.

12. Stop at the neighbor's kid's lemonade stand and purchase a glass of lemonade. Tell the kid how lovely it is. 

13. Be patient when someone is taking too long in front of you.

14. Go through your belongings and donate anything that you haven't used in the last year.

15. Help someone patiently when they ask you for advice.

16. Let someone else have their way without putting up a fight.

17. Create a happy book by gathering all your good memories with a friend and gift it to them on their birthday.

18. Share your meal with someone who doesn't have anything to eat.

19. Introduce yourself to your neighbors and offer your help.

20. Give a random compliment to your partner, especially if you haven't done so in a while.

21. Stand up for someone who is being treated unfairly in front of you.

22. Instead of complaining about something that's not a big deal, just let it go.

23. Go to your friend's kid's school function if they invite - they will appreciate you showing interest in their family life.

23. Bake a cake for someone's birthday.

25. Be encouraging to someone who is learning a new skill.

26. Listen to a friend in need when no one else wants to.

27. Send a care package to a deployed soldier or to their family.

28. Help a tourist find their way around your city.

29. Fill up someone's parking meter that's about to run out.

30. Offer the handyman working in your house a drink and a sandwich.

31. Hold the door open for a stranger.

32. Call that friend you've been meaning to hang out with, but never found the time for.

33. Offer a ride to someone who doesn't have a car.

34. Donate blood once in six months.