By Junaid Tahir

In recent months, Darren got bored because of repeatedly doing the same job for the past few years. Working as a technician in a toy factory, his task was to assemble the toys and tighten the screws before they are packed. While Darren's job was easy, the repetition of work was killing his brain and impacting his productivity. Out of desperation, he went to his manager and asked for alternate work he could do for the company.

Manager asked, "Before we discuss alternate work, can you explain me what is the purpose of your current job"
"Toys assembling and tightening the nuts, bolts and screws", Darren said.
"That's alright. Now tell me what is the higher purpose of your work", manager said.
"I am 'completing' toys for the company"
"Think again and tell me what is the higher purpose of your job"
"Well, the company is selling these toys and making money and I am getting salary"
"Sorry, but that's not the higher purpose, think again", manager said.
"Well, the toys makes kid happy and they enjoy their time while playing" Darren responded.
"Exactly, that's the higher purpose!!! Now listen to me carefully..."When you have found the higher (or highest) purpose of your life, your brain, heart and soul get attached to it emotionally making you fall in love with your job. You try new techniques to bring excellence in what you do. Doing things becomes far more easier because your work becomes your passion. Now that you are clear about higher purpose in your job, go back and think what else you can do to make those kids happy. What different kind of toys would you like to design. What new ideas you would like to try for bringing happiness, excitement and joy to the kids. Bring me some ideas based on your creative thinking after one month and we will talk about your promotion as a Design Team Lead"

That was eye opener for Darren. From that day onwards Darren started finding new designs and features of toys. He started thinking out of box. He started spending more time with his kids to find out on what makes them happy. (His family life was improved too!). He started doing kids-surveys in the vicinity about what kind of toys they expect in toy stores. What features do they need. He explored options of toys designing from color, size, shape, features, gender and safety perspective. His life changed !

What is the higher purpose of your job? Above that, what is the higher purpose of your life? What are you doing about it?

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