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Andrew, Peter, Emily and Lara

Author: Junaid Tahir Hey guys, allow me introduce my office colleagues to you: Let’s meet Andrew :  His slogan is “See, I am Working...

Author: Junaid Tahir

Hey guys, allow me introduce my office colleagues to you:

Let’s meet Andrew:  His slogan is “See, I am Working !”

Next one is Peter: His slogan is “Follow the Instructions !”

Next colleague is Emily: Her slogan is “Let’s do it differently !”

Last one is Lara: Her slogan is “Love conquers all !”

I will give more details about Andrew, Peter, Emily and Lara later. Let us learn something first !

From behavioral and work approach perspective you will observe 4 types of employees in your office:

1. Available Employees
2. Productive Employees
3. Efficient Employees
4. Loyal Employees

Available Employees are those who will make sure they come on time and leave on time. In between working hours, it doesn’t really matter for them if they are adding value to the organization or not. Their most favorite hobby is to wait for the evening to leave for home. For them salary meter is the only important thing to focus on. In order to kill time they spend time reading news portals, reading favorite political articles, Facebook posts review, checking Gmail taking several tea breaks, visiting other colleagues all day long. They always give the impression of "look busy do less"

Andrew belongs to “Available Employees” category hence the slogan "See, I am working !"

Productive Employees are the ones who will make sure that they attend to tasks and make things happen in the standard way company expects them to. They take occasional work breaks during office work but are not irresponsible. They are honest to their job and mostly comply with procedures and policies.

Peter is a Productive employee

Efficient Employees are the ones who challenge the
processes and always trying to find quicker methods for completing the assigned tasks. They are effective people and always lean in their approach. They are very practical people and prefer not to waste their energies in the non-value-add tasks. Their yield level is far higher than the Productive Employees.

Emily is an Efficient Employee.

Loyal Employees are the ones who have fallen in love with your organization. They may have all or some of the habits of Available, Productive and
Efficient breed of Employee families however the trait which sets them apart is their approach on what is best for business.

Lara is a “Loyal Employee”

So that was the introduction of my colleagues. Which one do you think is the best?
Well, one thing is sure that Available Employees are non-producers or less-producers. For the rest of people, there is no clear answer about which one is best, because, for most of the businesses we need versatile resources to carry out the assigned tasks. All successful entrepreneurs would prefer to have diverse resources because same mind sets are prone to similar mistakes at large whereas versatility ensures innovations, productivity and efficiency. 

Which category do you belong to? What about your colleagues? Can you do something to improve? Let me know your thoughts!
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